Exhibitions 2010

Exhibit 1
Also Showing
Stefany Hemming, Frances Semple, Carolyn Stockbridge, Helma Sawatzky, Alan Fulle, Tom Forrestall, 12 Midnite

Nov 29, 2010 – Dec 30, 2010

In addition to the work of Winnipeg artist Takashi Iwasaki's solo exhibition, "Memories in Colour", the Gallery is pleased to also be showing works by; Tom Forrestall, Stefany Hemming, 12 Midnite, Helma Sawatzky, Frances Semple, and Carolyn Stockbridge.

Exhibit 1
Takashi Iwasaki
Takashi Iwasaki

Nov 27, 2010 – Dec 30, 2010

"The body of work presented in this exhibition is a record of my daily life. Each piece is my diary entry. Instead of writing, I document my life in this visual format. The things you see in my work are abstract and symbolic forms of the things I encountered with, thought about, and felt on a specific day or during a period of time.

The abstraction of the images and combination of multiple words in multiple languages in the titles help me remember what the entries are about, while the ...

Exhibit 1
Representations: New Artists at the ELG
Jane Kenyon, Alan Fulle, Ted Harrison, Jack Rootman

Nov 05, 2010 – Nov 26, 2010

Works of four artists who have recently become represented by the Elliott Louis Gallery and who have not shown at the gallery before.

Ted Harrison, well known Canadian painter whose work came to national prominence as a result of his Yukon paintings.

Jane Kenyon, respected and acclaimed fabric artist whose thread paintings are beautiful, complex and iconic.

Alan Fulle, Seattle sculptor working with resin, paint, glass, ...

Exhibit 1
Also Showing
Peter John Voormeij, Philip Buller, Frances Semple, Lawrence McDonald, Thomas Zimmerman

Nov 05, 2010 – Nov 26, 2010

Along with "Representations", an exhibition featuring senior artists, Alan Fulle, Ted Harrison, Jane Kenyon & Jack Rootman who are all newly represented by the gallery, we are pleased to also be showing new works by gallery artists Philip Buller, Frances Semple & Peter Voormeij along with new works by additional cana ...

Exhibit 1
Bruce Pashak (Oct. 5 - Nov. 3)
Bruce Pashak

Oct 05, 2010 – Nov 03, 2010

justiFYD: Art Crimes in America
. a collaborative art project combining street art (graffiti) with studio painting by Vancouver artist Bruce Pashak.
. to bring the rawness of street art combined with studio painting into the established gallery setting/arena. The Gallery has long held the distinction of being the purveyor of a art taste and status and, most importantly, value.
. the Gallery, through curatorial choice, determines what art will be displayed and accepted as worthy for c ...

Exhibit 1
Also Showing
Peter Aspell, Frances Semple, Wendi Copeland

Sep 12, 2010 – Oct 01, 2010

Along with the solo exhibition, "Just Looking" by painter Bruce Woycik, the gallery is presenting works by; Peter Aspell, Wendi Copeland, Michael Levin & Frances Semple.

Exhibit 1
Bruce Woycik
Bruce Woycik

Sep 11, 2010 – Oct 01, 2010

I consider these paintings to be street vignettes of people, boulevards, and shop windows. They depict various times, places and activities that comprise what we all do best - "just looking".

- Bruce Woycik

Exhibit 1
Emergence 2010: Mixed Metaphors
Ian Sandilands, Jeremy Isao Speier, Andrew Salgado, Julia A. Crucil, Carlyn Yandle, Kelly Gough, Joyce Lindemulder, Amiel Logan, Aline Hoffart, Louise Phillips, ChloƩ Gammon, Brandy Masch

Aug 12, 2010 – Sep 10, 2010

The 6th Annual Emerging Artists' Exhibition showcasing work from some of British Columbia's fastest rising talent: curated by Lynn Ruscheinsky.

Artists included; Julia Crucil, Chloe Gammon, Kelly Gough, Aline Hoffart, Joyce Lindemulder, Amiel Logan, Brandy Masch, Louise Phillips, Andrew Salgado, Ian Sandilands, Jeremy Isao Speier, Carlyn Yandle

Exhibit 1
Charcoal and Thread
Mary Hrbacek, Takashi Iwasaki

Jul 06, 2010 – Aug 11, 2010

Elliott Louis Gallery joins this year's Drawn Festival with a two-person exhibition that
brings together iconic charcoal drawings of trees by New York artist Mary Hrbacek and
the whimsically surreal drawings in thread by Winnipeg's Takashi Iwasaki.

To Mary Hrbacek a tree is a thing of spiritual sustenance and renewal. Her trees endowed
with human-like qualities become the embodiment of mankind's condition: the rising sap
is the spirit of life, sexuality and regeneration, t ...

Exhibit 1
Also Showing
Joanna Staniszkis, Bruce Pashak, Carolyn Stockbridge, Helma Sawatzky

Jul 06, 2010 – Aug 11, 2010

Along with the two person exhibition, "Charcoal & Thread" by Winnipeg artist Takashi Iwasaki and Mary Hrbacek of NYC, the gallery is proud to also be presenting works by; Bruce Pashak, Helma Sawatzky, Joanna Staniszkis & Carolyn Stockbridge.

Exhibit 1
The Beginning of Summer
Peter Aspell, Peter John Voormeij, Jim Gislason, Joanna Staniszkis, Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith, Zhang He, Stefany Hemming, Kent Laforme, Frances Semple, Bruce Pashak, Dimitri Papatheodorou, Helma Sawatzky

Jun 08, 2010 – Jul 03, 2010

The Elliott Louis Gallery kicks off an exciting summer schedule with a Gallery Artist Group show that includes existing, new and never before seen work by artists; Jim Gislason, Kent Laforme, Zhang He, Stefany Hemming, Michael Levin, Dimitri Papatheodorou, Bruce Pashak, Helma Sawatzky, Frances Semple, Joanna Staniszkis and Peter Voormeij.

Also included in the show are works by noted B.C. artist Peter Aspell and historic Canadian watercolourist Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith.

Exhibit 1
Also Showing
Barbara Heller, Frances Semple, Katherine Surridge, Luc Bernard, Carolyn Stockbridge

Apr 27, 2010 – May 29, 2010

Along with Stefany Hemmning's solo exhibition, "Raw", the gallery is proud to also be presenting work by; Luc Bernard, Barbara Heller, Frances Semple, Carolyn Stockbridge & Katherine Surridge.

Exhibit 1
Stefany Hemming
Stefany Hemming

Apr 07, 2010 – Jun 06, 2010

The exhibition, Raw, is Stefany Hemming's second showing at the Elliott Louis Gallery. This new body of work depicts woven networks of twigs, roots and vines, forming both recognizable shapes and curious objects. These large format oils challenge our perception of "the natural" in painting through processes which explore gesture, time, stillness and the randomness associated with nature.

Hemming writes, "My work is an exploration of painting as an obsessive, ritualistic, instinctive pr ...

Jim Gislason
Jim Gislason

Mar 01, 2010 – Apr 23, 2010

Exhibit 1
Also Showing
Peter John Voormeij, Philip Buller, Lourdes Lara, Enrique Manchon

Mar 01, 2010 – Apr 01, 2010

Along with Jim Gislason's solo exhibition, "Kings and Queens", the gallery is proud to also be presenting work by; Philip Buller, Lourdes Lara, Enrique Manchon and Peter John Voormeij.

Exhibit 1
Peter John Voormeij, Through Dutch Eyes III
Peter John Voormeij

Feb 10, 2010 – Feb 28, 2010

Presented by the Sidney & Gertrude Zack Gallery at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver - in collaboration with the Elliott Louis Gallery.

950 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.

Gallery Hours:
Monday through Thursday 8:30 am to 10:30 pm
Friday - 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday - closed
Sunday - 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

"Winter" - celebrating 10 individual visions
Bruce Woycik, Katie Huisman, Katherine Surridge, Andrew Tong, Bruce Pashak, Carolyn Stockbridge, David Edwards, Stev'nn Hall, Helma Sawatzky

Feb 05, 2010 – Feb 27, 2010


With the advent of postmodernism in the late 60s, we no longer ask the interminable question: 'what does this art work, mean?" But rather, 'what does this art work, do? Or, again, following Lyotard, 'what does this art work set in motion?' We can think of art in this way as producing a number of aesthetic effects or rather affects. The aesthetic effect, does not come from the object, but from the object being confronted by a beholder that 'gets' the meaning, 'feels' the effect. ...

Exhibit 1
Frances Semple & Carolyn Stockbridge
Frances Semple, Carolyn Stockbridge

Jan 08, 2010 – Feb 03, 2010

Figure & Ground: Frances Semple and Carolyn Stockbridge
Curated by Lynn Ruscheinsky, Ph.D.

Figure & Ground is a two-person show highlighting the contemporary abstract painting of Carolyn Stockbridge and the three-dimensional figurative sculpture of Frances Semple. Stockbridge's playful, colorful and evocative paintings ...

Exhibit 1
Andrew Tong Illustrations / Drawings
Vicky Marshall, Toni Onley, Peter John Voormeij, Jim Gislason, Fernand Pinal, E. A. Williamson, Stefany Hemming, Barbara Heller, Katie Huisman, Katherine Surridge, Andrew Tong, Luc Bernard, David Edwards, Lourdes Lara, Stev'nn Hall, Gail Alexander

Dec 08, 2009 – Jan 05, 2010

December exhibition featuring Andrew Tong's drawings and illustrations of the world of children, and works by; Gail Alexander, Luc Bernard, David Edwards, Jim Gislason, Stev'nn Hall, Barbara Heller, Stefany Hemming, Katie Huisman, Lourdes Lara, Gavin Lynch, Vicky Marshall, Toni Onley, Fernand Pinal (Fr. post impressionist), Joanna Staniszkis, Katherine Surridge, Peter Voormeij and E.A. Williamson.