Exhibitions 2004

Exhibit 1
Clay and Fibre
Vincent & Cheryl Massey

Nov 26, 2004 – Nov 27, 2004

Annual exhibition and sale of pottery and baskets by Whistler's Vincent and Cherly Massey. Vincent, a master of traditional English and Japenese pottery techniques, together with his own robust style, brings excitement to otherwise everyday objects. Cheryl's exquisite basketry, woven with personally gathered barks and grasses, unites intricate colours and textures that are uniquely "West Coast".

The Colourful Darkness
Philip Buller

Oct 29, 2004 – Dec 05, 2004

The viewer of this collection, The Colourful Darkness, may initially be confounded by apparent references to religion. Philip Buller¹s talent for poetically universalizing through generalized images a ...

Exhibit 1
Inside Out Charity Auction

Oct 26, 2004 – Oct 26, 2004

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), in partnership with the Buried Heart Foundation, will host the Inside Out charity auction of offender art at the Elliott Louis Gallery on Tuesday, October 26th, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

The auction will feature more than 100 pieces of art at silent auction and four signature works at live auction - created and donated by more than 50 offenders serving federal sentences. The artists – inmates from seven institutions in the Pacific Region as well ...

Exhibit 1
Jean Paul Riopelle
Jean Paul Riopelle

Oct 01, 2004 – Oct 24, 2004

The Elliott Louis Gallery is bringing to Vancouver an eclectic and unique exhibition of works by Montreal-born Jean Paul Riopelle (1923-2002), Canada ...

Exhibit 1
Gallery Artists Summer Exhibition
Toni Onley, Christian Nicolay, Nancy Boyd, Deon Venter, Mark Mushet, Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin ), Parviz Tanavoli, Davida Kidd, Jack Leonard Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, Peter Aspell, John Newman, Peter John Voormeij, Jim Gislason, Louis de Niverville, Henri Masson, Cory Fuhr, Ella Flešch, David Fushtey, David Luksha, Joseph Le Tessier, Fernand Pinal, Philip Buller, Gerry Deiter, Joan Balzar, Thomas Anfield, Holly Armishaw, Martin Brouillette

Aug 24, 2004 – Sep 04, 2004

Gallery Artists Summer Exhibition


Exhibit 1
Thomas Anfield

Aug 21, 2004 – Aug 21, 2004

NARTHEX PRAXIS (a Butoh-A-Go-Go Production)
From the Narthex Series - An extension of the Moscow experience

8 pm - Saturday, August 21st, 2004
The Elliott Louis Gallery (The Waterfall Building)
(more details to follow)

This multi-media spectacle continues a shamanistic and
philosophical quest through performance and art.

This will be Thomas Anfield & Kevin Bergsma's first public

Exhibit 1
Coming of Age
Jean Okada

Aug 07, 2004 – Aug 07, 2004

An interactive multimedia event inspired by the Japanese holiday Seijin no Hi, or "Coming of Age Day".  This collaborative show features nine hand dyed, traditionally cut and sewn furisode kimonos (long sleeved, colourful kimonos worn by young single women), each expressing traditional Japanese patterns integrated with contemporary grafitti designs. 

This exhibition is a collaboration of artists: Jean Okada, Anna Sano, Chris Taylor, Masaro 18, and Andres M ...

Exhibit 1
Mr Fire Man's Legion of Flying Monkey Orchestra
Mr Fire Man

Jul 17, 2004 – Jul 17, 2004

Come one, come all to the Elliott Louis Gallery in the courtyard of the Waterfall Building.

Presenting the inaugural performance of Mr Fire Man's Flying Monkey Horn Orchestra, this eclectic ensemble features unique handmade instruments - wooden horns, chopped guitars, amplified tennis "rackets" ...

This is a great excuse to get together with friends, acquaintances and col ...

John Lennon & Yoko Ono Bed-In for Peace
Gerry Deiter

May 26, 2004 – Jun 02, 2004

"Give Peace a Chance" commemorating John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Montreal "Bed In For Peace" - a 35th anniversary exhibit of the photographs taken by a then 35 year old Life Magazine photographer, Gerry Deiter.

It was at this event that the song "Give Peace A Chance" was composed and recorded.

The majority of these historic and culturally significant limited edition photographs have never been seen or offered for sale before.

The Gallery gratefully acknowledges t ...

Exhibit 1
Actions of Mass Construction
Christian Nicolay

May 04, 2004 – May 22, 2004

actions of mass construction (ak"shenz)-(uv)-(mas)-(ken-struk"shen)   (n.)'s
1, a process of building or arranging disregarded material into something regarded, regarding the disregarded.  2, an assemblage of incongruous material that transforms into one coherent mass.  3, using an object for another purpose other than its specific function.  4, a method of spontaneous and uncertain experimentation. 

It may be diffi ...

Chritian Nicolay Artist Reception
Christian Nicolay

May 04, 2004 – May 24, 2004

Exhibit 1
Cheaper Than a One Night Stand
Fracture Industries

May 01, 2004 – May 01, 2004

The Elliott Louis Gallery and Fracture Industries are pleased to announce the sixth installment of the ongoing series of Cheaper Than A One Night Stand shows. We have sifted and juried the subterranean art world from Vancouver to Toronto, Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, to bring together artists and artwork  for sale in one venue, for one evening only.

Saturday, May 1st, approx. 150 pieces of artwork from over eighty painters, grafitti artists, illustrators and photographers ...

Exhibit 1
Looking Forward To Yesterday
Louis de Niverville

Apr 10, 2004 – Apr 29, 2004

Louis de Niverville's paintings stand between reality and fiction. His art reaches another plateau - a colourful, imaginative world of fantasy created with an elaborate, highly technical collage treatment. Yet he maintains simplicity throughout. This artist is able to bring out the child in the most hardened adult. However, even the very seasoned collector will remain in awe of his meticulous technique where precision and fantasy are so intertwined that they become a single expression.

Exhibit 1
RBC Investments Canadian Painting Competition
Royal Bank

Mar 30, 2004 – Apr 08, 2004

Each year, we join together as art lovers and patrons to celebrate the talent of emerging visual artists in Canada. Celebrating its sixth year, the Canadian Painting Competition, sponsored by RBC Investments® and in partnership with the Canadian Art Foundation, is a tribute to Canada's artistic talent. With semi-finalists selected from regions across the country, their artwork represents a significant contribution to Canada's rich cultural heritage.

In March of 2004 RBC will be prese ...

Peter Voormeij's BC Series
Peter John Voormeij

Mar 12, 2004 – Mar 12, 2004

On the eve of World War I there were several Lower Mainland militia units, in addition to the 6th Regiment (DCOR) and New Westminster's infantry regiment: they included the No. 18 Field Ambulance, Army Medical Corps (founded 1909); the 6th Field Company, Canadian Engineers (1910) of North Vancouver; the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders (1910); No. 19 Company, Army Service Corps (1912); No. 19 Company, Canadian Signal Corps (1912); and the 11th Regiment, Irish Fusiliers of Canada (1913).

Busi ...

Rising Sun Blues
Jim Gislason

Feb 17, 2004 – Mar 28, 2004

Exhibit 1
Nancy Boyd

Jan 20, 2004 – Feb 12, 2004

The title of this series of artworks says much about their nature. The term itself comes from the text on an MRI, a magnetic resonance image, taken a fews years ago of my brain. I used a hundred or more line drawings of the brain as part of a series called Resonance Imaging. Those delicate intricate and often cryptic organic forms in the drawings intrigued me. When parts of the drawings were isolated or enlarged, they looked more like amoeba or bifurcating organisms than anything as specific as ...