The Colourful Darkness

Philip Buller

Oct 29, 2004 – Dec 05, 2004

The viewer of this collection, The Colourful Darkness, may initially be confounded by apparent references to religion. Philip Buller¹s talent for poetically universalizing through generalized images and personalizing through specific rendering enables us to consider how these paintings in some way tell of our own experience of life. We recognize the state of aloneness and uncertainty as well as the hope for both human and spiritual connection.

The human subject matter of these paintings and the warm color palette are reminiscent of Renaissance paintings, which have been an ongoing inspiration for Buller. Fragments of semitransparent images echo other images, creating a ghostly presence, a hidden moment, or an experience not unlike memory or recognition.

Though these works might remind us of the past, they also are unmistakably contemporary, unmistakably Buller's.

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