Exhibitions 2012

Exhibit 1
Bruce Pashak
Bruce Pashak

Dec 05, 2012 – Mar 31, 2013

The 3-D lenticular process is a new form of art-making that allows the viewer to experience an image in 3-D without the aid of 3-D glasses. The process is a complex one that involves multi-layered printing procedures. The use of lenticular printing in my latest series adds another layer to this process that further broadens the experience for the viewer. It is the combination of 3-D lenticular processes with my painted/drawn images (the union of studio practice with t ...

Exhibit 1
Toronto International Art Fair
Bruce Pashak, Alan Fulle, David Begbie

Oct 01, 2012 – Dec 04, 2012

Exhibit 1
Positive Places Pop-Up Exhibition
Antonis Ensoe, Scott Sueme

Sep 15, 2012 – Oct 06, 2012

Antonis Ensoe & Scott Sueme, " Positive Places'

The Elliott Louis Gallery presents Antonis Ensoe & Scott Sueme's "video teaser" for their exhibition, "Positive Places" (September 15 - October 6, 2012), at the Arthur Erickson Waterfall Building, 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver.

Viewing time: 1 minute 15 seconds

'Positive Places' Art Opening (teaser) from DONT LOOK on Vimeo.

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Exhibit 1
Antonis Ensoe & Scott Sueme
Antonis Ensoe, Scott Sueme

Jul 11, 2012 – Oct 06, 2012

Following our first ever, and extremely well received graffiti exhibition in 2011, artists Scott Sueme and Antonis Ensoe display new, freshly conceived works demonstrating their on-going evolution from text based street graffiti to fine art abstraction. 

This exhibition and related events are being held at:
The Waterfall Building, 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver.

Exhibit 1
Realism in the 21st Century: Final Talk
Jonathan Sutton

Jun 02, 2012 – Jun 16, 2012

Talk 6 - Contemporary Developments Continue: Delving further into early 21st Century currents in realism.

In his ongoing studio practice Jonathan Sutton draws on his training in literature, theatre, and film, and, of course on art history. Jonathan has taught art to adults and youth in Canada and overseas and continues to engage art and education as inextricable.

June 16th @ 1:00 pm At the Elliott Louis Gallery, 258 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver

There is no fee to attend. ...

Exhibit 1
Expanding Horizons (June 6 - 24)
Deon Venter, Sarah Brayer, Jane Kenyon, Kambiz Sharif, John Koerner, Roger Watt, Lionel Thomas, Jonathan Sutton, R.B. Wainwright, Paul Bureau, David Begbie

May 28, 2012 – Jun 25, 2012

Canadian and International artists, with work never before shown.

Including work by; David Begbie (UK), Paul Bureau (Montreal), Sarah Brayer (Japan), Jane Kenyon (BC), John Koerner (Vancouver), Christian McLeod (Toronto), Kambiz Sharif (Iran), Jonathan Sutton (BC), Deon Venter (South Africa, Canada ), Barry Wainwright (BC), Roger Watt (UK, Canada).

On Saturday, June 30th from 1:00 - 2:00 pm Drawing Master Roger Watt will deliver an artist talk; The Basis of Drawing: Taking a L ...

Exhibit 1
Arts Umbrella Expressions Festival &
Wilderness Committee, Arts Umbrella

May 27, 2012 – Jun 02, 2012

May 30–June 2
Reception, Thursday, May 31, 5:00 – 7:00 pm 
Supported by: Buschlen Mowatt Foundation
Lead artist and instructor Min Yoon, along with guest artists, Devon Knowles, Erica Stocking, Gwenessa Lam and Raymond Boisoly, has worked with students with the aim of exploring a wide spectrum of possibilities of creative development.

May 30-June2
Wild@Art: A chidlren's art e ...

Exhibit 1
John Dann
John Dann

Apr 22, 2012 – May 26, 2012

I do not find words can reveal much about a work of art, rather they tend to obscure and limit one's perception. The attempted homogeneity of verbal concepts can repress first instincts and the personal for the viewer.

Entropy is universal, ubiquitous and essential. It is the action of life, change, chaos, evolution, randomness over time.
It is the definition of changing, a sudden breaking of a plate, or a seemingly endless cosmic exchange.

To ...

Exhibit 1
Christian Nicolay, gallery , Ya-chu Kang

Mar 18, 2012 – Apr 17, 2012

RECOIL was the Judges Award Winner at the Make it Short Filmaker Contest, NW Film Center, Portland Or.

The film will screen before the Shorts Program at the Portland International Film Festival Feb 9 - 25, 2012

Christian Nicolay & Ya-Chu Kang, "Portable Walls".

Vancouver based artist Christian Nicolay and Taiwanese artist Ya-chu Kang have some popping good fun in anticipation of their two person exhibition, "Portable Walls" at the Elliott Louis Gallery, March 29 - ...

Exhibit 1
Christian Nicolay & Ya-chu Kang
Christian Nicolay, Ya-chu Kang

Mar 17, 2012 – Apr 21, 2012

Portable Walls is a collaborative exhibition of new work by Christian Nicolay and Ya-chu Kang exploring contemporary narratives of safety and identity, man and women, East and West, in a post 9-11 age where it seems more rules, regulations and checks on our privacy continue to grow and change. Through the use of video, sculpture, mixed media drawing and installation the artists collectively and individually explore the polarities between life and death, public and private, safety and danger, ...

Exhibit 1
Realism in the 21st Century
Gregory Crewdson

Mar 04, 2012 – Mar 10, 2012

Talk 4: The influence of non-representation and abstraction on realism continues. We will look at both photography and highly rendered representational art as responding directly to their apparent counterpart - abstraction.


Jonathan Sutton draws on his training in literature, theatre, and film, and of course on art history, in his ongoing studio practice. His rendering of unreal scenes through realistic drawing and oil painting reflects a stretch one way into traditiona ...

Exhibit 1
Carolyn Stockbridge
Carolyn Stockbridge

Feb 12, 2012 – Mar 17, 2012

Painter Carolyn Stockbridge returns to The Elliott Louis Gallery with her third solo exhibition, titled 'Groupings'. In these paintings shapes appear, disappear, travel the surface, and are pushed back to re-emerge. These quieting earth tone paintings surprise and surrender to evocative emotion and at times, cheeky gesture. Stockbridge likens them to groupings or tribes of colour, shape and marks that are indicative of the nature of paint and of human kind.

An Artist Talk will be held ...

Exhibit 1
Realism in the 21st Century
Jean Paul Riopelle

Jan 09, 2012 – Jan 13, 2012

Talk 3: The influence of non-representation and abstraction on realism.

In the previous talks, we considered the natural progression from impressionism to increasing abstraction and non-representation, especially in response to the realism and accuracy of photography. We'll look more deeply at the apparent opposition between non-representation and realism, and how these two approaches continue to respond to each other.

Jonathan Sutton draws on his training in literatu ...

Exhibit 1
Alan Fulle
Alan Fulle

Jan 03, 2012 – Feb 11, 2012

Seattle artist Alan Fulle presets eight spectacular multi-coloured resin towers along with work from his "Kimono Gem Box", "Super Dots" and "Super Stripes" series. This diverse and unique showing of work will be appreciated by Alan's collectors and fans as he has just come off an enormously busy exhibition schedule in 2011 including a major showing at the Elliott Louis Gallery last May. Ever industrious, the artist has ventured into new, and very exciting territory.