Realism in the 21st Century

Jean Paul Riopelle

Jan 09, 2012 – Jan 13, 2012

La Foret Ardente
193 cm x 231 cm
oil on canvas

Talk 3: The influence of non-representation and abstraction on realism.

In the previous talks, we considered the natural progression from impressionism to increasing abstraction and non-representation, especially in response to the realism and accuracy of photography. We'll look more deeply at the apparent opposition between non-representation and realism, and how these two approaches continue to respond to each other.

Jonathan Sutton draws on his training in literature, theatre, and film, and of course on art history, in his ongoing studio practice. His rendering of unreal scenes through realistic drawing and oil painting reflects a stretch one way into traditional techniques and media, and the other into discovery and invention. Jonathan has also taught art to adults and youth in Canada and overseas, and continues to engage art and education as inextricable.

There is no fee to attend the lecture series and all are welcome.

Jean Paul Riopelle

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