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Vicky Marshall, Deon Venter, Jack Leonard Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, Dominik Modlinski, John Dann, Yehouda Chaki, Philip Mix, Kathy Venter

Nov 13, 2011 – Dec 31, 2011

Also showing in conjunction with the Toni Onley exhibition, works by; Yehouda Chaki, Vicky Marshall, Philip Mix, Dominik Modlinski, Jack Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, Deon Venter & Kathy Venter.

Exhibit 1
Toni Onley
Toni Onley

Nov 12, 2011 – Dec 31, 2011

Toni Onley, "Letters to Yukiko" - In addition to this substantial collection of watercolours and oils painted by Toni over 35 plus years, his personal letters to Yukiko Onley, which include beautiful and poignant drawings from the time of their breakup, are on display in this exhibition. These 25 intimate letters form the basis of an exclusive, very limited edition, (only 19 copies are being produced) hand-bound book on Japanese rice paper that is available to collectors.

Letters to Santa

Nov 08, 2011 – Dec 17, 2011

In light of our current exhibition "Toni Onley: Letters to Yukiko" the Elliott Louis Gallery invites you to celebrate the holiday season with us at Letters to Santa: A Holiday Open House and Letter Writing Party.

There will be light refreshments, mulled cider, vintage typewriters and writing materials for you to create a letter to a loved one or a last minute holiday greeting.

We hope you can join us. Happy Holidays!

Realism in the 21st Century
Jonathan Sutton

Nov 01, 2011 – Nov 12, 2011

Talk 2: Photographic Paintings and Painterly Photographs - The Dialogue Continues

Last month we talked about the overlapping influences photography, drawing, and painting have exerted on each other since the dawn of Daguerrotypes. This talk will pick up, in more detail, interrelated developments in photography and painting through the mid-late Twentieth ...

Exhibit 1
Jane Kenyon
Jane Kenyon

Oct 07, 2011 – Nov 12, 2011

In Near & Far, Jane Kenyon is inspired by the environment around her, be it natural or man-made. Although Kenyon is an enthusiastic traveler, rather than referring to distances travelled, Near & Far refers to viewpoints closer to home. By observing her surroundings from different perspectives, close or distant, she creates large colour-filled thread ...

Exhibit 1
Realism in the 21st Century
Chuck Close

Sep 24, 2011 – Oct 01, 2011

Talk 1: Photography and Realism in Art - A Dialogue in Detail
Photography, drawing, and painting have exerted overlapping influences on each other since public recognition of Daguerrotypes in the early 19th century. This talk will explore photographic paintings, painterly photographs, and various stops between and beyond.

Artist and educator Jonathan Sutton draws on his training in literature, theatre, and film, and of course on art history, in his ongoing ...

Exhibit 1
Tom Forrestall, Master Works
Tom Forrestall

Sep 08, 2011 – Oct 01, 2011


Thursday September 7, 2011 until October 1st, 2011

The Elliott Louis Gallery

258 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver



Release September 7, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 




(VANCOUVER, BC – September 15, 2011)



Wh ...

Exhibit 1
Tom Forrestall
Tom Forrestall

Sep 03, 2011 – Oct 06, 2011

Tom Forrestall, "Master Works" (Held Over to Oct. 6th)

This significant collection of works dating from the mid 1980's to present includes 22 of Forrestall's signature egg tempera paintings on panel and 17 of his luscious watercolours.

Forrestall, who lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and is now in his 75th year is represented in virtually every major public collection in the Maritime Region, Central Canada and beyond, including solo exhibitions in prominent galleries worldwide. ...

Exhibit 1
Roger Watt, Charles Keillor, Andrea Taylor, Michael Undem, Jonathan Sutton, Jonathan Syme, Anne Palmer, Leah Biggs, Tamara Rusnak, John Dann, Pax North, Joel Libin, Bracken Hanuse Corlett

Aug 15, 2011 – Sep 02, 2011

The 7th Annual Emerging Artists' Exhibition showcasing work from some of British Columbia's fastest rising talent, including: Leah Biggs, John Dann, Vanessa Disler, Bracken Hanuse Corlett, Charles Keillor, Joel Libin, Pax North, Anne Palmer, Tamara Rusnak, Jonathan Sutton, Jonathan Syme, Andrea Taylor, Michael Undem and Roger Watt.

Curated by Lynn Ruscheinsky.

Saturday, August 27th, @ 1:00 pm - Drawing What You See - The Art of Realism" a panel discussion with ...

Exhibit 1
R.B. Wainwright
Toni Onley, Jack Leonard Shadbolt, Peter Aspell, Peter John Voormeij, R.B. Wainwright

Aug 08, 2011 – Aug 13, 2011

Tuesday, August 9th to Saturday, August 13th, (one week) Royal Canadian Academy recipient, master printmaker and senior Canadian artist, R.B. Wainwright, showing 13 works; including (figurative) prints and paintings in the style of a refined primitivist - "through the eyes of a child with the tempered hand of a master."

Also showing are works new to the gallery by Jack Shadbolt, Peter Aspell, Toni Onley and Peter John Voormeij.

Exhibit 1
Asesr, Demos, Difer, Easer , Antonis Ensoe, Ways, Scott Sueme

Jul 03, 2011 – Aug 06, 2011

Part of Vancouver's Drawn Festival:

A look into the underworld of Graffiti and Spraycan Art. Seven different acknowledged master "street artists" take you inside a place few get a chance to see, and where your curiosity will be met with amazement. Curated by "Easer", the exhibition is overflowing with vibrant colors and the bold energy and imagery of the street. A study of 'Letters', this cross-sectional show will not only "wow" you with the artists' unique styles and bright ideas, bu ...

Exhibit 1
John Koerner, A Retrospective: Six Decades
John Koerner

Jun 20, 2011 – Jul 02, 2011

Not many artists can claim a successful career spanning more than six decades, but, at 97 years old, esteemed Canadian painter John Koerner continues to surprise viewers with his creative spirit and productivity. The Elliott Louis Gallery is pleased to present "John Koerner, A Retrospective: Six Decades," which celebrates the scope and output of the artist's remarkable career. The exhibition will run from June 21 through July 2, 2011 at the Elliott Louis Gallery in Vancouver. Ko ...

Exhibit 1
Alan Fulle
Alan Fulle

May 01, 2011 – Jun 18, 2011

Working with paint and resin as sculptural tools, Seattle sculptor and painter Alan Fulle revels in the interplay between colour, depth and line. As a Materials oriented abstract artist, Fulle uses oil paints and washes, oil and water based polyurethanes, resins, acrylics, and enamels to create vibrant wall mounted sculptures - "accumulations of appurtenances" that act as portals to Fulle's microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds.

On Saturday, May 14th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Alan wi ...

Exhibit 1
Secret Satisfaction:
Jim Ramsay

Apr 03, 2011 – Apr 30, 2011

When I was thrown out of architecture school it never occurred to me that this was some sort of cosmic hint. When they let me back in and I managed to graduate, I was nonplussed when a professor told me "we thought you could be an architect,we just didn't know if you wanted to be an architect". In hindsight I know that learning how to build things a ...

Exhibit 1
12 Midnite
12 Midnite

Mar 08, 2011 – Apr 02, 2011

Taking Liberties, the first 12 Midnite show at the Elliott Louis Gallery, marks the evolution of Midnite's foray into car culture, graffiti, neon, comic books and advertising art, culminating in a pop noir world of modern paranoia.

His trademark hard edge pop style blends aspects of commercial sign painting and hot rod pin-striping with both traditional and non-traditional painting methods and materials.

Ranging from rich textured surfaces to shiny space-age plastic and pearlesc ...

Exhibit 1
Andrew Tong
Andrew Tong

Feb 08, 2011 – Feb 26, 2011

Modern Times is my take on humanity's defects of character: Greed, Selfishness, Ignorance, Self-Delusion, etc. The list goes on and on – this body of work with its references to modern life expresses a raucous skepticism of our accepted values.

The incredible technological advances throughout the last century have been used to unleash mechanical warfare, mass death and totalitarian politics, shaping our future in profound ways but also repeating history's patterns yet again.

Te ...

Exhibit 1
Carolyn Stockbridge
Carolyn Stockbridge

Jan 01, 2011 – Jan 29, 2011

"Grounds For Interpretation came into fruition after a working trip to NYC and Woodstock. I returned to my Vancouver studio fully infused with the magnitude of my NYC experience. Time spent with my longtime mentor, Henrietta Mantooth, reminded me of the open doorway to honest expression that painting can provide.

I am wholly devoted to abstract painting and have been for many years. However, my real work and an essential part of my practice, is knowing how to step out of the way to al ...