Exhibitions 2005

Exhibit 1
Toni Onley, Christian Nicolay, Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin ), Parviz Tanavoli, John Newman, Peter John Voormeij, Jim Gislason, Joanna Staniszkis, Jean-Paul Lemieux, Jean Paul Riopelle, David Fushtey, Jane Adams, David Luksha, Joan Balzar, Martin Brouillette, Leia Rogers, Ben van Netten, Andrew Neuman, Scott Pattinson, Bruce Woycik, Marcel Barbeau, Chris Moench, the dark

Dec 20, 2005 – Jan 08, 2006

Our annual winter exposition of gallery artists presents emerging to established talents, painting and creating art in a plethora of mediums and contexts.

New arrival at the gallery, Devitt Brown introduces aerosol on canvas with colossal works Shelter and Suburban. Marcel Barbeau whose beginnings are linked to the Quebec Automatiste movement and his contemporaries Bordu ...

Exhibit 1
Vessels for the Home and Table
Vincent & Cheryl Massey

Nov 25, 2005 – Nov 26, 2005

Vincent's work can best be described as traditional English-Japanese ideas taken to the next level with crisp form, clean lines accentuated with a vast spectrum of stoneware and salt fired glazes. He finds great comfort in the relationship between the user, food, the maker and utility.

All of Cheryl's baskets are rooted in nature. Whether it is kelp, cedar or tule rush, Cheryl gathers the material, then dries and soaks it before she begins the weaving process. Weaving with the materia ...

Give Peace a Chance: John’s Legacy
Gerry Deiter

Nov 22, 2005 – Nov 22, 2005

"Shared joy is increased, shared grief is diminished. Thus do we refute entropy." Spider Robinson, like me a New York City-born Canadian, hadn't yet written those words 25 years ago this month when I learned their truth. Sitting aboard my boat in an isolated North coast port town, the CBC evening concert was interrupted by a news flash: John Lennon had just been shot in New York and was declared dead on arrival at hospital.

One's first reaction to such news is immediately to shar ...

Exhibit 1
Bruce Woycik
Bruce Woycik

Nov 22, 2005 – Dec 18, 2005

Perhaps best known for his approach to illumination, Bruce Woycik is an artist with an impressive and varied body of work. His paintings, suffused with a distinctive manipulation of light, create an alluring drama of radiance and shadow. 

Woycik is adept at inducing a mood with his artistic choices. Sensitive coloration of shore and water, an overcast day that captures the cool yet beautiful atmosphere - his work exudes an underlying energy beneath the surface. Though often calm ...

Wayne Eastcott / Michiko Suzuki

Nov 03, 2005 – Nov 20, 2005

It is dangerous for many artists, who are individualists, to attempt a collaboration. But we believe it is possible within the printmaking world. Print artists require the use of both human hands and tools (traditional or new). Therefore, the artist must depend upon outside processes not only themselves. Already printmaking is a kind of collaboration with some hidden potential.

This exhibition is the result of a collaboration that we commenced in 2002. However, the first work was not ...

Exhibit 1
Staniszkis Opening Night Review
Joanna Staniszkis

Oct 14, 2005 – Oct 30, 2005

silk worm (silk wûrm´) n. The larva of a moth that produces a dense silken cocoon.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Could have done well with an umbrella or two on Friday night when Joanna Staniszkis previewed her newest installation of the above title at The Elliott Louis Gallery. A couple of hundred art observers were not about to let a downpour rain on her parade. They packed the Waterfront Gallery's opening reception in support of Joanna's latest work ...

Exhibit 1
The Emperor's New Clothes
Joanna Staniszkis

Oct 14, 2005 – Oct 30, 2005

"The Emperor's New Clothes is one of the many themes in my ongoing trilogy, part of my in-depth exploration of natural fiber.

Exhibit 1
Christian Nicolay, John Newman, Peter John Voormeij, Jim Gislason, Cory Fuhr, Ella Flešch, Jane Adams, Philip Buller, Joan Balzar, Martin Brouillette, Nam Duc Nguyen, Leia Rogers, Ben van Netten, Scott Pattinson, Bruce Woycik

Sep 27, 2005 – Oct 07, 2005

Autumnity showcases contemporary works from Gallery Artists, including work by a number of artists recently added to the Gallery roster. On exhibition for two weeks only, through October 10th.

Exhibit 1
Board, Mesh and Canvas
Jim Gislason, David Luksha, Philip Buller, Gerry Deiter

Aug 30, 2005 – Sep 25, 2005

Inaugurating our Fall 2005 series are three artists, three different mediums, three different techniques.

David Luksha, encaustis (wax and oil paint) creates liminescent layered works that are beguilingly sculptural.

Jim Gislason, oil on mesh, unique and orriginal interpretations of universal themes in a contemporary format.

Philip Buller, oil on canvas, contemporary presentation of classical themes referencing Renaiss ...

Exhibit 1
Shift Control Landscapes
Nam Duc Nguyen, James MacLellan, James Nye, Leia Rogers, Ben van Netten, Andrew Neuman, Michael Mew

Aug 09, 2005 – Aug 27, 2005

SHIFT CONTROL LANDSCAPES brings together six emerging painters exploring landscape through urbanized perspectives.

Photography and popular media has fo

Exhibit 1
Eye Spy
Peter John Voormeij, Louis de Niverville, Cory Fuhr, Joan Balzar

Jul 19, 2005 – Aug 07, 2005

Exhibit 1
Western Refections
Brian Romer, Toni Onley, Jane Adams

Jul 05, 2005 – Jul 17, 2005

Vancouver artists Jane Adams, Brian Romer and Mong Yen express disparate images of western Canada. In Gallery ll, Toni Onley.

Exhibit 1
Christian Nicolay, Holly Armishaw, Martin Brouillette, Adele Chong

Jun 14, 2005 – Jul 03, 2005

On the rise, three fresh young artists. From Montreal, Martin Brouillette; Toronto, Adele Chong; Vancouver, Christian Nicolay. In Gallery ll, the photographic work of Holly Armishaw.

Exhibit 1
David Luksha
David Luksha

May 11, 2005 – Jun 06, 2005

Exhibition: May 13 - June 6

Exhibition Preview: May 10 - 12
Opening / artist reception 6:30 - 8:30 pm May 13th


Exhibit 1
Jane Adams - Western Journey
Jane Adams

Mar 10, 2005 – Apr 05, 2005

Jane Adams Western Journey 

Western Journey is an exciting new departure for me because, for several years, I have painted mostly expressionistic variations of florals, moving in and out of abstraction. 

The summer of 2004 brought a range of new ideas when I had the opportunity to drive across our western provinces as far as Lake of the Woods in western Ontario. I kept to the back roads off Highway 13 and, for the first time, saw the immensity of our country. My mind ...

Exhibit 1
Thomas Anfield

Feb 08, 2005 – Mar 06, 2005

Preview: February 8 - 10
Artist Reception / Opening, Friday Feb. 11th  6:30 - 8:30 pm

With "Interiors", Thomas Anfield explores the traditional genre of still life but brings to the work his ongoing interest in oriental philosophies, particularly Taoism.

The subjects of this exhibition are predominantly vessels, bowls, pitchers and vases which play with the notion of interior & exterior as metaphors for ourselves and our relati ...

Exhibit 1
Through Dutch Eyes
Peter John Voormeij

Jan 18, 2005 – Feb 06, 2005

Though formally trained in the realist schools of painting in the Netherlands, Peter John Voormeij has become recognized for his expressionist style - abstract creations that vibrate with an intensity of colour and vigorous line.  Best known for his paintings on the 2100 square meter ceilings of the Council of State Building, in the Hague, his visual language is influenced by his passion for literature and music.

"Through ...

Exhibit 1
Full Spectrum
Brian Romer, Christian Nicolay, Peter John Voormeij, Jim Gislason, Louis de Niverville, Cory Fuhr, Ella Flešch, David Fushtey, Jane Adams, David Luksha, Philip Buller, Joan Balzar, Thomas Anfield, Holly Armishaw, Ken Clarke

Jan 01, 2005 – Jan 15, 2005

Post Holiday Exhibit presenting Full Spectrum with selected works by our Gallery artists.