Exhibitions 2016

Exhibit 1
In the Racks - Misc. Items
Vicky Marshall, Peter Aspell, Maxwell Bates, Takao Tanabe, Nicholas de Grandmaison, Thomas Mower Martin, Bruce Woycik, the dark, Barbara Heller, Jeremiah Birnbaum, John Barkley, David Robinson, Joe Average

Jan 06, 2016 – May 31, 2016

In the racks:

Peter Aspell
Joe Average
John Barkley
Maxwell Bates
Jeremiah Birnbaum
the dark
Nicholas de Grandmaison
Barbara Heller
Vicki Marshall
Thomas Mower Martin
David Robinson
Takao Tanabe
Bruce Woycik

Exhibit 1
Roger Watt
Roger Watt

Jan 05, 2016 – Mar 31, 2016

The physical process of putting marks on paper with graphite is distinctly personal for Roger Watt as it is an ongoing link to his father who first instilled in him the pure joy of drawing.

Roger has long had a fascination for portraying the effects of light and his work increasingly explores its atmospheric properties in everyday situations ... most recently involving the urban imagery of New York City where he has been exhibiting the past two years.

Exhibit 1
J.G. Freedman
J. G. Freedman

Jan 02, 2016 – Feb 29, 2016

"I began working on the Vancouver waterfront in 1967. My career there began as a marine gas station pump jockey and progressed through log salvage and on to tugboats where I began as a deckhand and eventually became a skipper at Seaspan.

When the SeaBus started up in 1978 I jumped ship and worked there as a ferryboat master until I retired to pursue my passion for painting in 2001. That passion arose from my fascination with the contrast between the jaw dropping beauty of the ...

Exhibit 1
Stephen Gordon
Stephen Gordon

Jul 27, 2015 – Feb 09, 2016

As someone who expressed his feelings through pictures, Gordon developed an appreciation for photography, inspired by the stunning light and rugged landscapes of Afrrica.

Knowing that he would follow his passion for photography, Steve started his career at the legendary album cover design group, Hipgnosis - an experience that shaped his ability to view the everyday in a very different way.