Tanya Slingsby


Tanya Slingsby works from a private studio gallery in Vancouver, Canada. Since 2002, she has focused on abstraction in painting, creating visual discourses on primordial and ethereal states in nature and the human condition. The interplay of egoic struggles and the spirit appear as beautiful natural patterns and energetic fields-revealing a timeless evocation of consciousness and the energy that creates it. Using a formalist approach, Slingsby explores the energetic and emotional interplay of colour, texture and surface. Each work is a meditative addition and subtraction, layering polymer resin, pigment and encaustic 'mis en plat'. Tanya completed her Bachelors Degree with Honours in Fine Arts and History of Art at the University of Victoria and holds a Masters Degree in Aesthetics and History of Art by scholarship from the University of Sussex, UK.