Carolyn Stockbridge

The subject matter of my paintings truly is the language of paint, but, composition, gesture, structure and the relationship of 'painter and painting' also comes into the picture. While maintaining a sense of immediacy, the building of a painting is a challenging task.

There are many versions of the piece that I arrive at layered under the resting surface.The journey of a shape, colour or brush mark seems to be an endless one, moving around the surface until finding a place to finally rest. When it does, I feel a sense of being released from the painting and know that is the moment when I cannot give anything more and move on to the next piece.

In this way, I work with the idea that each painting is a continuum from one to the next and is not ever really finished but content in the moment. Painting as a language has a strong force and I continuously look to the voice of Abstract Expressionism. It's where I find the greatest sense of freedom in mark making. I hope that in my painterly explorations I am not simply recycling, but creating work with its own vocabulary.