Jean-Francois Provost

"Artists are creators who express what is deeply rooted within them. To explain the intention behind the expressiveness of a line, or the use of a painting knife, a colour, or any other technical detail takes the essence of the work away from itself.  This is precisely why I do not wish to comment about my work. My artworks speak in and of themselves. "


Provost's painting is spontaneous, intuitive, inspired and sensitive. It is the gesture of painting itself that constitutes the basis of his practice. His colourful compositions are rhythmically layered yet remain marked with sobriety and restraint.  From the childlike scribble to the ethereal sweep, they breathe a tranquil strength.

Artist Work
Le Merle noir. D'après Olivier Messiaen
72 in x 84 in
oil, acrylic & graphite on canvas

$9200 CDN