Bruce Woycik

Perhaps best known for his approach to illumination, Bruce Woycik is an artist with an impressive and varied body of work.  His paintings, suffused with a distinctive manipulation of light, create an alluring drama of radiance and shadow.

Woycik is adept at inducing a mood in his artistic choices; it is mood as much as object that is the subject of his work. Each image is located in one of the small corners that are the essence of a specific neighbourhood, the signifier that conjures up the entire area. It is the viewer who completes the location with her or his own memories, emotions, and experiences of place.

In identifying himself as a painter rather than an artist, Woycik emphasizes his passion, his life-long love affair, with the medium of oil. Working everyday in his studio where any misstep step puts one in contact with paint, Woycik is outside of the issues of genre or theory. He is in his inner world where all there is is painting.

Artist Work
48 in x 48 in
oil on canvas

$6500 CDN