Frank H. Johnston

1888-1949 Francis Hans Johnston, later known as Franz Johnston, born in Toronto. Studied at the Central Technical School, Toronto, under Gustav Hahn, Central Ontario School of Art under William Cruikshank and G.A. Reid, in Cincinnati, and at the Pennsylvania Academy, Philidelphia, under Daniel Garber and Philip Hale. Worked at commercial art in New York, then returned to Toronto and worked for Grip, Ltd. Painted the activities of the Air Force for the Canadian War Memorials, 1917-1918. A.R.C.A. in 1919. Member of the Group of Seven in 1920. Principal of the Winnipeg School of Art, 1920-1924, then returned to Toronto. Taught at the Ontario College of Art, 1927-1929. Had a summer school of art on Georgian Bay, 1930-1940. Visited the Arctic in 1939. Died in Toronto.