Emily Carr

1871-1945 Painter, watercolourist, draughtsman, ceramist. M. Emily Carr, born in Victoria, British Columbia. Studied first at the San Francisco School of Art (1889-1895), then at the Westminster School of Art, London (1899-1904), returning each time to teach painting and to visit the Indian villages of the West Coast. She was in France, 1910-1911, studying at the Colarossi in Paris, sketching in Brittany, and travelling for her health in Sweden; at this time she probably came in contact with Frank Hodgkins. Returned to Victoria where she held her first exhibition and began again to paint the Indian villages in a Fauve style. Built her apartment house ('The House of All Sorts') in 1913. Made Pottery and carpets with Indian designs during the twenties. At her first exhibition in the East in 1927, she came in contact with the Group of Seven, particularly Lawren Harris, and began her most characteristic work. Influenced to some extent by the American painter Mark Tobey (1922-1925). Member of the Canadian Group of Painters, 1933. Disposed of the apartment in 1936 and began seriousily to write her autobiographical books including Growing Pains (1946). Died in Victoria.