Franklin Carmichael

1890-1945 Painter, watercolourist, printmaker, illustrator. Franklin Carmichael, born at Orillia, Ontario. Went to Toronto in 1911 and studied at the Ontario College of Art with William Cruikshank and G.A. Reid and at the Toronto Technical School with Gustav Hahn; also at the Antwerp Academy (1913). Original member of the Group of Seven, 1920, and of the Canadian Group of Painters, 1933. A.R.C.A. in 1935, R.C.A. in 1938. Worked for a time at the commericial art, then taught at the Ontario College of Art (1932-1945). Employed by Grip Ltd., Toronto, 1911; Rous & Mann, Toronto, 1912, 1916-1923; Sampson-Matthews, Toronto 1924-1932. Died in Toronto.