Current Exhibition

Angle on Time Feature Image
Angle on Time
Jane Adams

Dec 01, 2021 – Feb 28, 2022

Where did the time go? 
A recent article about time on CBC news set me to thinking about how fast time has gone by in the past year. It talked of time moving on in a linear manner and how we need events in our lives to relate to. This is how we map out time. On taking a look at my recent paintings I realized that these works are all about mapping out time. These paintings are my personal memories of each day in 2021. 

Jane Adams, 2021

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Past Exhibitions

Timeless Modernity Feature Image
Timeless Modernity
Parviz Tanavoli

Mar 26, 2018 – Jun 25, 2019

Newly released work and existing sculptures and screen prints.

Additional works are available to be viewed upon request.

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