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Andrew McDermott, Peter John Voormeij, Cameron Douglas, Louis de Niverville, Cory Fuhr, Lourdes Lara, Madeleine Wood, Brodie Shearer

Jun 02, 2017 – Mar 25, 2018

A Gathering of All Sorts
30 in x 48 in
oil on canvas

For Sale:

Louis de Niverville
Cameron Douglas
Cory Fuhr
Lourdes Lara
Andrew McDermott
Brodie Shearer
Peter Voormeij
Madeleine Wood

Artist Work
60 in x 30 in
oil on canvas

Artist Work
I found myself under the tree of emotions glancing at the dance of love
48 in x 48 in
oil on canvas

Artist Work
75 in x 80 in
oil on canvas with gold leaf

Artist Work
Love in the place of spells
48 in x 54 in
oil on canvas

Artist Work
Palm Trees
24 in x 12 in
acrylic on canvas

Artist Work
The Back Stretch (ed. 1/6)
13 in x 13 in

Artist Work
The Return Of The Adjutant
56 in x 48 in
acrylic & airbrush on canvas

Artist Work
33 in x 44 in
oil on linen


Andrew McDermott

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