Exhibitions 2003

Exhibit 1
Diary of a Heart
Ella Flešch

Nov 25, 2003 – Dec 06, 2003

"Sometimes we should visit places in our memory to recognize the nuances of our nature. When I was six, I found myself with a pencil in my hand and realized at that time I wanted to be an artist. Rather than just paint how people or places look, I also like to paint how they feel in connection with those around them and with the ambiance at the time. “A year ago, I became intrigued by the range of emotions we experience during the course of a relationship – to chart how close we come togethe ...

Exhibit 1
Gaze Into Life - Returning
Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin )

Nov 08, 2003 – Nov 22, 2003

“Returning,” the English translation of the title for this exhibition, offers little more than a pinhole glimpse of the two characters in Chinese, which literally mean 'return to unpolished jade (purity) and return to truth’ respectively. These two simple characters resonate wonderfully in Chinese, and the simplicity of “returning” may capture some of it by transference. Oliver Lin aspires to drop all affectation in a return to original purity and simplicity; to regain nature and thus to red ...

Exhibit 1
Canadian Autumn
Paul Chizik

Oct 21, 2003 – Nov 02, 2003

Recent works including contemporary Canadian culture and landscape using oil, watercolour, drawing and pointilism. Paul adds, "I work as much as possible from life as photographs distort proportions. Colours and tones are often off. Darks are dead. They can be used but only with experience. For example, Zorn and Eakins use photographs intelligently. I use photographs occasionally for large studio paintings, but only in conjunction with on-site sketches and notes. I use a variety of mediums ...

Exhibit 1
Gallery Artists for Fall, 2003
Bryan Ryley, Christian Nicolay, Deon Venter, Noel Hodnett, Cameron Douglas, Jim Gislason, Cory Fuhr, David Fushtey

Oct 01, 2003 – Oct 17, 2003

Exhibit 1
Gallery Artist Summer Exhibition 2003
Toni Onley, Christian Nicolay, Nancy Boyd, Deon Venter, J. G. Freedman, Mark Mushet, Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin ), Noel Hodnett, Davida Kidd, Paul Chizik, Peter Aspell, Peter John Voormeij, Cameron Douglas, Jim Gislason, Reza Doust

Jul 01, 2003 – Aug 31, 2003

Exhibit 1
'New Work'
Deon Venter

Jun 10, 2003 – Jul 01, 2003

Much of my work embraces the migrant’s view of the world - of uprooting and transformation, disjuncture and metamorphosis (slow or rapid, painful or pleasurable) of what Salman Rushdie calls “the migrant’s condition [from which] can be derived a metaphor for humanity”. My visual vocabulary is the slow process of documenting and considering the commonplace and everyday around me. Out of the regional is derived the metaphor to describe what is universal and international. The familiar describes ...

Exhibit 1
Linen's Edge
Joanna Staniszkis

May 05, 2003 – May 24, 2003

The exhibit is the culmination of the artist’s Linen Project. The show is an installation of large scale translucent linen surfaces, overlapping panels, and three-dimensional linen objects. Images printed on the panels carry a number of narratives that connect and reinforce the paramount subject - that of the artist’s Polish roots and her fascination with cloth’s power and meaning as well as its lightness and delight. A video with original score composed by Victor Chorobik will accompany the ...

Base Imprints
Davida Kidd

Apr 10, 2003 – May 05, 2003

DAVIDA KIDD “Base Imprints” "When I was a kid I messed up Ken by trying to paint his hair back on with some gooey black lacquer from a model kit. His perfectly flocked head had started to reveal serious bald patches that were very unbecoming. Barbie had equally been subjected to too many hair style disasters. I gave them both to my brothers who blind folded them and shot their heads off with a 22 rifle out in the bush…." [continued below]

Exhibit 1
Red, White and Blue
Bryan Ryley

Mar 05, 2003 – Mar 17, 2003

Bryan Ryley - Artist's Statement These new works reflect an ongoing interest of mine in combining the power of abstraction with the recognition factor of representational imagery. I have always felt that abstraction exists in the realm of the metaphysical, that is beyond the physical, an ontological language that concerns itself with issues of vulnerability, of redemption, questions central to the perception of time and existence, questions often found in the deepest layers of awareness. ...

Exhibit 1
New Oil Paintings
Vicky Marshall

Feb 03, 2003 – Feb 22, 2003

Exhibit 1
Christmas Exhibition
Bryan Ryley, Brian Romer, Vicky Marshall, Toni Onley, Christian Nicolay, Nancy Boyd, Pierre Coupey, Deon Venter, Mohsen Khalili, Robert Michener, J. G. Freedman, Mark Mushet, Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin ), Parviz Tanavoli, Noel Hodnett, Davida Kidd, Paul Chizik, John Newman, Peter John Voormeij, Liza Visagie, Randy Celebrini

Dec 06, 2002 – Jan 05, 2003