Exhibitions 2002

Exhibit 1
Christmas Exhibition
Bryan Ryley, Brian Romer, Vicky Marshall, Toni Onley, Christian Nicolay, Nancy Boyd, Pierre Coupey, Deon Venter, Mohsen Khalili, Robert Michener, J. G. Freedman, Mark Mushet, Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin ), Parviz Tanavoli, Noel Hodnett, Davida Kidd, Paul Chizik, John Newman, Peter John Voormeij, Liza Visagie, Randy Celebrini

Dec 06, 2002 – Jan 05, 2003

Exhibit 1
Hodnett - 2002
Noel Hodnett

Nov 12, 2002 – Dec 01, 2002

Exhibit 1
18 New Paintings
J. G. Freedman

Oct 24, 2002 – Nov 11, 2002

Dialogues of Process

Oct 08, 2002 – Oct 23, 2002

Exhibit 1
Notations: New & Recent Work
Pierre Coupey

Sep 18, 2002 – Oct 06, 2002

Pierre Coupey was born in Montreal in 1942. He graduated from McGill University (BA), the University of British Columbia (MA), and studied drawing and printmaking at the Academie Julian and the Atelier 17 in Paris. Since 1964 he has published five books of poetry and exhibited paintings and prints in over 40 solo and group shows in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle, Tokyo and Dublin. His work is represented in over 100 private, corporate and public collections, including those ...

Exhibit 1
Art on the Fringes
Christian Nicolay, Davida Kidd

Sep 04, 2002 – Sep 15, 2002

This year the gallery has transformed its main space into Venue 4 for the Fringe Festival. On the other side of the stage.... in the gallery annex... we present 2 unique, humorous and at times quirky bodies of work...... "Art on the Fringes" paintings, mixed media, photography & collage

Exhibit 1
Lotus Land
Mark Mushet

Aug 15, 2002 – Aug 22, 2002

Exhibit 1
Gallery Artists
Vicky Marshall, Christian Nicolay, Pierre Coupey, Barry Egerton, J. G. Freedman, Oliver Lin ( Lin Chin Lin ), Noel Hodnett, Paul Chizik, Jack Leonard Shadbolt, Gordon Smith, Peter Aspell, John Newman, Michael Heizer, Raymond Lipovsky, Marmaduke Matthews

Aug 01, 2002 – Aug 31, 2002

An extremely eclectic mix of contemporary and historic Canadian paintings with some surprises.

Exhibit 1
Gallery Artists
Bryan Ryley, Toni Onley, Christian Nicolay, Nancy Boyd, Pierre Coupey, Deon Venter, Mohsen Khalili, Davida Kidd, Paul Chizik, Peter Aspell

Jul 31, 2002 – Aug 12, 2002

Paul Chizik, Toni Onley, Wayne Eastcott, Pierre Coupey, Deon Venter, Davida Kidd, Christian Nicolay, Bryan James Ryley, Nancy Boyd, Mohsen Khalili

Exhibit 1
Toni Onley

Jul 01, 2002 – Sep 07, 2002

June 28 - September 7, 2002 at the Art Gallery at the Evergreen Cultural Centre, 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitalm, BC. Opening reception at the Evergreen Cultural Centre, June 28 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm with opening remarks at 7:15pm. Admission to the Gallery is free. Art Gallery hours are Monday - Saturday, noon to 5:00pm and Thursdays to 8:00pm. 604.927.6550

Exhibit 1
Calona Vineyards Artist Series Vintage Launch
Brian Romer

Jun 25, 2002 – Jun 30, 2002

Exhibit 1
Young and Green
Arnold Shives

May 30, 2002 – Jun 12, 2002

Artist Statement Young and Green In a period of consolidation, the artist inevitably looks back at the myths and poetry of experience. Elements of nostalgia blur with present reality: the work becomes an almanac. In putting together Young and Green I was informed by both my ongoing ecological concerns, and what I suppose is the archetypal experience of fatherhood. In reflecting on the unfolding lives of my children and their generation, I harken back more and more to the campfire adventures ...

In the Salon - MODArt Peace and Love

May 22, 2002 – May 22, 2002

Exhibit 1
Deon Venter

May 09, 2002 – May 28, 2002

Artist Statement “Discoverers” and “founders” always evoke a number of emotions as well as their own particular set of difficulties for us. They set in motion the irrevocable events which would both create and affect the future nation. Our perception of them varies with time from that of the elevated hero, when monuments are erected in their honor and their accomplishments are exalted in our memory, to a place of irrelevance. Their founding of the “new world”, of course, intervened with the anc ...

Exhibit 1
Gallery Artists
Bryan Ryley, Vicky Marshall, Neil Chaikel, Toni Onley, Christian Nicolay, Nancy Boyd, Pierre Coupey, Deon Venter, Robert Michener, Barry Egerton, J. G. Freedman, Parviz Tanavoli

Apr 29, 2002 – May 05, 2002

Exhibit 1
Recent Landscapes of Coast and Canyon
Robert Michener

Apr 11, 2002 – Apr 28, 2002

Gallery Artists
Deon Venter

Mar 23, 2002 – Apr 07, 2002

Exhibit 1
Systematic Confusion
Christian Nicolay

Feb 28, 2002 – Mar 21, 2002

systematic confusions day and night are opposites yet they flow in and out of one another everyday.

Exhibit 1
In the Salon - Becoming
Dennis Duncan

Feb 07, 2002 – Feb 24, 2002

Exhibit 1
New Work
Nancy Boyd, Mohsen Khalili

Jan 24, 2002 – Feb 24, 2002

Mixed media artists create visual text of their lives.

Exhibit 1
Bryan Ryley, Arnold Shives, Brian Romer, Marek Reysner, Vicky Marshall, David Burns, Toni Onley, Christian Nicolay, Pierre Coupey, Deon Venter, Mohsen Khalili, Robert Michener, J. G. Freedman

Dec 06, 2001 – Jan 20, 2002

View an exciting selection of artwork - small intimate watercolours, rich powerful oils, creative works on paper, as well as exquisite silver and jade pieces.