Exhibitions 2001

Exhibit 1
Bryan Ryley, Arnold Shives, Brian Romer, Marek Reysner, Vicky Marshall, David Burns, Toni Onley, Christian Nicolay, Pierre Coupey, Deon Venter, Mohsen Khalili, Robert Michener, J. G. Freedman

Dec 06, 2001 – Jan 20, 2002

View an exciting selection of artwork - small intimate watercolours, rich powerful oils, creative works on paper, as well as exquisite silver and jade pieces.

Exhibit 1
The Chaos Of Love
Toni Onley

Nov 10, 2001 – Nov 30, 2001

Although I am known mainly for my landscape painting, collage has always been important to me. In 1958 I was launched onto the Canadian art scene by a one-man show at the Vancouver Art Gallery of collages I had done in Mexico. I continued doing abstract collages in my studio until I took up flying in 1965, a change in my life which in the 1970s would take me back to the landscape painting of my youth. After many years of painting landscapes in countries around the world, in 1990 I started to ...

Exhibit 1
Bryan Ryley

Oct 18, 2001 – Nov 07, 2001

Exhibit 1
Autumn Harvest Jewellery
Marek Reysner

Sep 22, 2001 – Sep 22, 2001


Sep 13, 2001 – Oct 04, 2001


Sep 08, 2001 – Sep 08, 2001

Tickets available at Ballard Lederer Gallery 604 736 3282 or jan@ballardlederergallery.com Door/Cocktails @ 6:30pm Fashion Show @ 7:15pm


Aug 24, 2001 – Aug 24, 2001

Exhibit 1
Glass Art
Neil Chaikel

Aug 16, 2001 – Aug 30, 2001

Neil works with "slumped" glass and along with his very unique pieces a mini-pictoral documenting the process involved will be on display.

Illumine Grand Opening
Bryan Ryley

Jun 27, 2001 – Jun 27, 2001

Special Art Exhibition to celebrate the Grand Opening of the "Waterfall Building" designed by Arthur Erickson and Stephen Hynes

New Beginnings

May 12, 2001 –

Over sixty paintings will be featured in our exhibition "New Beginings", as well as some fine artisan work. The Ballard Lederer Gallery is also proud to introduce our new gold and gem artist Marek Reysner at the exhibition. Much of his artwork can be worn as jewlery. Marek's magnificent work is showcased in San Fransico, London and now Vancouver. ACE FILM CO. 400-1152 Mainland St. Vancouver

Joy Eyeford Paintings and sculpture

Mar 17, 2001 –

During the Pacific Rim Whale Festival the artwork of Joy Eyeford will be featured. Joy is a self-taught artist. She has spent her life on the West Coast and lives in . The rich rain forest environment inspires her work. Joy is wellknown for her panoramic watercolours and sand stone sculptures.