Lawrence McDonald


Lawrence McDonald is the President / CEO and Creative Director of Blue Orbit, a multidisiplinary branding, advertising and marketing agency specializing in cross platform digital strategies and convergent technologies, including game changing "QR code" innovations that he refers to as "Advertising 2.0".

Lawrence has been in the business of visual story telling for well over 30 years - television director, advertising creative director, and brand image consultant, As such, he directs and produces a wide variety of programming genres, series television, reality TV, lifestyle, interior design, food TV to documentary television.

Lawrence has directed music specials with talents such as Garth Brooks, Diana Krall, and Anne Murray. His work is in international distribution, and seen throughout the world.

As a brand image consultant, and Creative Director he was instrumental in a multi-platform launch of ZED TV for CBC Television Network, the launch of MTV Canada, The Beat 94.5 FM, and TV Land, to name but just a few. Corporate clients include companies such as The Vancouver Canucks, TELUS, and the 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

Whether it is a television series or a corporate advertising campaign, it means working together with teams, of but a few people, to teams of a hundred or more,” says Lawrence. It requires passion, dedication, and vision, everyone on the same page, one cohesive vision, to achieve our creative goal.”

“Behind my camera is quite a contrast to working with large teams of creative individuals. For me, photography is more of an individual experience, a personal journey that transcends time.”

“There is beauty in the simplest of subjects. It really depends on how one frames the subject, sometimes a matter of stepping back from the subject, or perhaps moving into the picture. It is in the unexpected where I find the visual secrets are revealed.”