Love & Grief
Translating love and loss into visual expression

In 2013, artist Kristin Krimmel lost a close friend with whom she had shared a profound love of language and literature. They delighted in the composition of words, their refined usage, depth of meaning, origins and history. In the ensuing months, feeling emotionally raw, she began to translate her grief into a visual expression of her inner turmoil. In the process she came to understand that the deepest components of friendship and its loss was simply a cycle of grief and love.

Krimmel strives to capture the essence of the emotional questions and vulnerabilities lingering under the surface which people go through while presenting to the world a cool exterior of normalcy.

In these reflective images, we can find echoes of our own feelings whether it be in the elation of new loves or the challenges of our losses.

This series which began as a personal expression, has become a vehicle for contemplation and healing. Its power as a work of art lies in its ability to touch an essential part of being human.