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Jane Adams - A Pond
Jane Adams

Salar Ahmadian - Untitled 1
Salar Ahmadian

Mandy Boursicot - Iberia
Mandy Boursicot

Philip Buller - Woman with Flowered Cloth
Philip Buller

Tom Forrestall - Winter Beach
Tom Forrestall

J. G. Freedman - What Now
J. G. Freedman

Cory Fuhr - Cello (rear view)
Cory Fuhr

Alan Fulle - Osmunda
Alan Fulle

Stefany Hemming - Jig
Stefany Hemming

Ya-chu Kang - Heroic Bearing 1
Ya-chu Kang

John Koerner - Galiano
John Koerner

Kristin Krimmel - Crossed
Kristin Krimmel

Andrew McDermott - By Twin Beaches
Andrew McDermott

Christian Nicolay - Safety Instructions
Christian Nicolay

Toni Onley - Browning Bay, North Pender Island, B.C.
Toni Onley

Bruce Pashak - Where Are You From (ed. of 3)
Bruce Pashak

Doug Robinson - Sheena
Doug Robinson

Jack Rootman - Morning
Jack Rootman

Kambiz Sharif - Silence 07 (angled)
Kambiz Sharif

Parviz Tanavoli - Heech in Heech
Parviz Tanavoli

Andrew Tong - Henry Takes a Trip
Andrew Tong

Deon Venter - Dolphins II
Deon Venter

Peter John Voormeij - Lohengrin
Peter John Voormeij

R.B. Wainwright - Mrs. Klimt's Dress Once Again
R.B. Wainwright

Madeleine Wood - Expand
Madeleine Wood

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