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Brooke Anderson - Ever Present
Brooke Anderson

Peter Aspell - Senufo - Perfume on the Nile
Peter Aspell

Joe Average - Goodnight Moon (205/300)
Joe Average

John Barkley - The Marriage of Constants
John Barkley

Maxwell Bates - On the Beach
Maxwell Bates

Jeremiah Birnbaum - Zeke and Buck
Jeremiah Birnbaum

Jaclyn Conley - Untitled (Shoes)
Jaclyn Conley

the dark - Eidolons Muse
the dark

Louis de Niverville - The Return Of The Adjutant
Louis de Niverville

David Edwards - Land Journal I
David Edwards

Antonis Ensoe - Primary Production
Antonis Ensoe

Ya-chu Kang - Heroic Bearing 1
Ya-chu Kang

Lourdes Lara - I found myself under the tree of emotions glancing at the dance of love
Lourdes Lara

Vicky Marshall - Fruit Series
Vicky Marshall

Andrew McDermott - Across the Busy Street
Andrew McDermott

Lawrence McDonald - QR Code - Melting
Lawrence McDonald

Christian Nicolay - Safety Instructions
Christian Nicolay

Jean-Francois Provost - Le Merle noir. D'après Olivier Messiaen
Jean-Francois Provost

Jean Paul Riopelle - Cap tourmente (I), 1983  (27/60)
Jean Paul Riopelle

Jack Leonard Shadbolt - Primavera No. 4 (ed. 6/40)
Jack Leonard Shadbolt

Tanya Slingsby - Sukaya (diptych)
Tanya Slingsby

Scott Sueme - Private Property
Scott Sueme

Takao Tanabe - Cook Channel, Nootka Sound (40/70)
Takao Tanabe

Ben van Netten - French Beach
Ben van Netten

Bruce Woycik - February
Bruce Woycik

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