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Stephen Gordon
Paris (ed. of 15)
5 x 48 Inches  
photograph on epson hot press archival paper mounted on Plexiglas.
Artist: Stephen Gordon, Title: Paris (ed. of 15) - click for larger image

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"It was really tough to get this shot - on my first attempt I walked up the stairs of the “arc de triumph” with my tripod and when I got to the top they told me no tripods. Security made me take the tripod down and it was a day that the elevator was not working. So i walked down to the bottom and up again as I just had to get this shot. I created an imaginary line using the marks of tiles to plot my positions and took 8 pictures at various points on this imaginary line. I made sure I had a lot of overlap, then stitched all the photos together. In my studio I did some cropping to get the perfect line up, and viola, a 180 degree shot of Paris."

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