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Ya-chu Kang
Security Blanket (frontal view)

mixed media
Artist: Ya-chu Kang, Title: Security Blanket (frontal view) - click for larger image

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price by request. This is a collaborative effort between Christian Nicolay and Ya-chu Kang. In the work Security Blanket, Nicolay & Kang present a blanket hung from the ceiling over an iron bed frame made from facemasks that have been collected through various parts of Asia and then sewn together. The facemasks all share similar pastoral colors and rectangular patterns reflecting the formal qualities of quilting while retaining the historical context rooted in social issues. The transformation of the facemasks into a blanket quite literally speaks to this notion of safety, preservation and security while at the same time creating a polarized dialogue with the traditional quilting process. media: Facemasks, thread, iron bed, paint Variable Dimensions

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