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Tom Forrestall
Shades Lost In The Leaves
15.5 x 15.5 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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“Shades Lost in the Leaves” “Sunglasses Found” “Lost of Found”…whatever you’re inclined to call it… I’m intrigued by this switch. In the same work…how negative the “Lost” is and how positive the “Found”…the lost sets up a kind of mystery that gets one asking questions…the found is lot more settled and relaxed but mystery and questions arise and abound. Just as I like it….mystery renders the art far more enjoyable. I seek art with human emotion in it somewhere. Here I explore true realism because every tiny bit of each brush stroke pours with sweat and all risk, self into the art. Real as it is, it does not look like a photograph (the false realism). Here my vision dominates the parts the go together to create this art. There was no set up to work from but I use real leaves, sunglasses, etc. to work with as the vision dictated. As with all I do it did not work out as well as I’d hoped, a great as the vision demanded…I reached for my dream, I failed, but I was true to self.

The detail in my paintings is not the prime goal but a secondary result of sinking deeper and deeper, dwelling longer, not ever wanting this creative voyage to end.

The inner realism is the truer realism, not the shallow surface recording. Mine is painting of the beautiful ugly. Courbet is my favourite painter of this, with Goya and Picasso.

Tom Forrestall

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