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Ya-chu Kang was born in Taiwan and received her MFA in textile from Tainan National University of Arts, and BFA in sculpture from National Taiwan University of the Arts, Taipei. Her work examines the relationships between environment and human bodies, as well as personal reactions to exteriors like nature, building, clothing, envelopes and commercial packaging. She eliminates the boundary between usable items and sculpture — the functional and the aesthetic. Ya-chu intends her work to be a social response to a world she views as an increasingly preposterous phenomenon. She forms her hollow sculpture from paper, plastic, cardboard, coffee filters, tea bags, and pages from old books, comic books, and newspapers. In using such a vast array of recycled materials, Ya-chu conveys a sense of the insignificant corners and in-between spaces that surround us.

Kang had been showed her work in Taiwan, NY, Munich, Lithuania, Syria , Nepal, Okinawa and Vancouver, and did residency programs in Taiwan, USA, Bangladesh, Jordan and Japan. 2010, she was participating with the LunarFest exhibition and performance in the Candahar bar which are part of Cultural Olympiad programming in Downtown Vancouver. She has the residency program in Banciao435 International art village and the residency program in TAV in Taipei in the end of 2010. She also has two solo exhibition in Japan and Taipei in 2010, and one solo exhibition in Suho Paper Museum in Taipei in 2011.

Now Ya-chu is working on mix-media sculpture, drawing, felt painting, installation, video. She is living and working in Taipei, Taiwan and Vancouver, Canada.

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Ya-chu Kang - Country Flag - click for larger image

Country Flag
mixed media
China flag, American flag, photoprint

price by request
Ya-chu Kang - Cover the Bird 2 - click for larger image

Cover the Bird 2
16.7 x 25.6 Inches 
mixed media
wool, thread, fabric, beads
Ya-chu Kang - Axe Chicken - click for larger image

Axe Chicken
25.6 x 16.7 Inches 
mixed media
wool, thread, fabric
Ya-chu Kang - Under Face Clay - click for larger image

Under Face Clay
27.7 x 44.2 Inches 
mixed media
wool, fabric, thread
Please email the gallery to view more works by Ya-chu Kang.

Taipei, Taiwan

2005 Tainan National University of the Arts, Applied Art graduate institute (M.F.A) , Taiwan
2002 National Taiwan University of the Arts, Sculpture Department (B.F.A) , Taiwan

Solo Exhibitions
2011 Border Crossings, Suho Paper Museum, Taipei
2010 As Covering, Tosee Art Gallery, Taipei
        Invisible posture, Gifu City Culture Art Center, Japan
2008 Forgotten- Opening studio, ARCUS, Japan
        Darkroom- Cache Memory Module, Pingtung Travel Literature Gallery, Taiwan
2007 Snow Day, Red Mill Gallery, Vermont, USA
2006 An Interval, Art Space of Life Science Library ACADEMIA SINICA, Taipei
        Traveling Pieces, Taichung Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taiwan
        COMMUNICATE, Stock 20 cofe’, Taichung
2005 Fulfillment of Journey, Taichung Stock 20, Taiwan
2002 Line Game, The Wings Espresso Bar, Taipei

Solo & Two Person Exhibitions
2012  Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC, collaboration w/ Christian Nicolay

Group Exhibitions
2011  We Give a Shit Because We Care, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, collaboration w/ Christian Nicolay
       Go on the Stage, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute-Taipei Branch, Taipei
       Wind Heaped Up, CAMP Talganie Museum, Okinawa, Japan, collaboration w/ Christian Nicolay
       International Craft Art Biennale in Changhua, Changhua Fusing granary, Taiwan
       Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy
       Sofia Paper Art Fest/ National Gallery of Foreign Art/ Bulgaria
       The world of nature referred to the existing landscape - Garden Eden, South Tyrol, Italy
       Adventure Ground, Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
       House Games, Jyvaskyla, Finland, Collaboration w/ Christian Nicolay
2010 A.I.R. Group Show, Taipei Artists Village, Taipei, Collaboration w/ Christian Nicolay
      Going Green, Accident Gallery, NY/ PA/ CA/ NC, USA
      Kuroshio Tyanpuru, Okinawa University of the Arts/ CAMP Talganie Museum, Okinawa, Japan
      Genius Loci- Spirit of Place, Gallery X, Bratislava, Slovakia
      The 2nd AllArtNow International New Media Art Festival, Syria
      Winter Culture Olympics Vancouver Lantern Festival- Outdoor Exhibition, Vancouver
2009 Turning the Tide, Taiwan National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Pingtung
      Cross Breeze, CAMP Talganie Museum, Okinawa, Japan
      Re-contextualized, Pacificthorn gallery, Vancouver
      Urban bodies, Stock 20, Taichung
      Souvenir art-Venice Biennale, Venice
      Geisai#12, Tokyo, Japan
      228 Massacre 62th anniversary Art exhibition, 228 park, Kaohsiung
      More than scents, Graduate School of Visual Arts Management and Art Center of Yuan Ze University, Chung-Li
      The 1st International Video Art Festival, Syria
2008 I came from Japan-I have not been to Japan-I am neither of the above, Fordham University’s Center Gallery, NY
      Essence of Absence, Korean Gallery, NY
      Body Thinking, Stock20, Taichung
      Very Fun Park, Gregory Shop, Taipei
      A View Inside, Changhua Fusing granary, Taiwan
2007 Untitle Portraits, Untitle Ocean- Performance, Hualien& Taipei TAV
      Frolic, 2X13 Gallery, New York
      Time and Poem, Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, Taiwan
      New Craft Paradise, National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, Taiwan
      The Beauty of Craftsmanship, Presidential Office, Taiwan
      Points of Departure: Inner and Outer Journeys in Contemporary Art, Fox Art Gallery, USA
2006 Hualien International Artists Workshop, Crative Culture Park of Hualien, Taiwan
      Unspoken Understanding, TADA, Taichung
      Bring your art work to go travel, Nanhai Gallery, Taipei
      Wanderlust, National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, Taipei
      Bon Voyage, Chiayi railway warehouse, Taiwan
      4th From Lausanne to Beijing International Fiber Art Biennale Exhibition, Shzhou Art & Design Technology Institute Art Museum, China
      21st Annual Combined Talents Florida International Competition, Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts, America
      Fiber Language–Abstract and Concrete, SooChow University Art Center, Taipei
      Citizens’ life in Taiwan, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taichung
      Turning the Theater- Sensational Mobilization, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taichung
      Art Show Case, Taichung Stock 20, Taichung
      Line Phenomenon, Art Center TNCA, Tainan
      Journey of Ten Artists, Cultural Affairs Art Gallery, Taipei
2005 Artist fair, Chinese Culture and Movie Center, Taipei
      Women’s Feeling, Cup Café, Kaohsiung
      Journey of Ten Artists, National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, Taipei
      Exhibition of Track Legend, Taitung Railway Art Village, Taitung
      Kaunas Art Biennial "Textile 05", M. Zilinskas Art Gallery, Lithuania Kaunas
      Crazy Quilt, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taichung
      Pingtung Exhibition, Cultural Affairs Bureau of Pingtung County, Pingtung
      TALENTE 2005 – Special Exhibition, I.H.M, Germany Munich
2004 New appearance of Art in Taiwan, Taichung County Seaport Art Center, Taichung
      South Island—Square Space, Art Center TNCA, Tainan
      Three∞, Prototype Art, Tainan
      Exhibition of Taoyuan Creations, Cultural Affairs Bureau Taoyuan Country Government, Taoyuan
      Exhibition of Digital Textile, Fine Art Center, Tainan
2003 Knit, 136-Community Art, Tainan
      7th Exhibition of Craft Textile, Taichung City Cultural Hall, Taichung
      11th Exhibition of Craft Dream, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Tainan
      Path of Fiber, Fine Art Center, Tainan
      Materialism, Pier-2 Arts District, Kaohsiung
      Find the Vitality of Art in Taiwan-Creative and Material, Main Trend Gallery, Taipei
2002 Hey! Workroom, Tainan National College of The Arts, Tainan

Jyvaskyla Art Museum/ Finland
National Taiwan Craft Research Institute/ Taiwan

2010 Taipei Artists Village Residency Program, TAV, Taipei, Collaboration w/ Christian Nicolay
        99-3 Exhibition Grant, Taipei City Government, Taiwan
        99-2 Culture Exchange Travel Grant, Taipei City Government, Taiwan
        99-1 Culture Exchange Travel Grant, National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan
        Banciao 435 Residency Program, Taipei
2009 Resident inTaiwan National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Pingtung
        Winter Olympics Vancouver Lantern Festival- Art exchange program, Canada
        Geisai#12- Fubon Art Foundation Grant, Tokyo, Japan
2008 Resident in ARCUS- Asian Cultural Council Fellowship, Japan
        Shatana International Artists’ Workshop Fellowship, Jordan
        Britto International Artists’ Workshop Fellowship, Briitto Arts Trust, Bangladesh
2007 96-2 Creation Subvention, National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan
         Forest of Arts- 99 Mountain Ecology and Art Park Creation Subvention, Taiwan
         Green Island Human Rights International Artists’ Workshop Fellowship, Taiwan
         Resident in Vermont Studio Center, 2006/2007 Asian- Fellowship, USA
2006 Hualien International Artists’ Workshop Fellowship, Taiwan
        Outstanding for 4th International Fiber Art Biennale Exhibition, China
        Chiayi Art – Resident in Chiayi Laiji tribe, Taiwan
2005 "Textile 05" in Lithuania – Exhibition Travel Grant, Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan
         Stock 20 Residency Program, Taiwan
         “TALENTE 2005” in Germany – Exhibition Travel Grant, Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan
2004  Best-selected for Taoyuan Exhibition

Lecturer of Felt Making Association, 2009~
Lecturer of Taipei National University of the Arts, Dept. of Theatrical Design & Technology 2009/9~2010/6
Taipei MOCA Workshop/ Taipei/ 2009,3-4
Lecture, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan, w/ Christian Nicolay, 2010, 10
Workshop of More than scents Exhibition, Yuan Ze University, Chung-Li , 2009.3.24
Residency in ARCUS-Make your own bag Workshop/ Japan/ 2008,11
Workshop of Taipei Municipal Tianmu Elementary School/ Taipei/ 2008/6/5
Workshop of A View Inside Exhibition, Old Five Old Foundation, Changhua, 2007/11-12
One week workshop, National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, 2007/12
Weekend workshop of On the Border Exhibition, National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, Taipei, 2007/10
Weekend workshop of New Craft Paradise, National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, 2007/8-9
Lecturer of Children Art Course, New Generation& Giraffe, 2007/7-8
Children Summer Sculpture Workshop at National Taiwan Science Education Center/ Taipei, 2007/8
Lecturer of SHU-TE University, Dept. of Fashion Design, 2006/2-2007/1
Lecturer of Natural Dyeing Course at Kaohsiung Second Prison/ Taiwan, 2006/9-12
Interdisciplinary Art workshop in MOCA Taipei, 2006/11
Children Summer Fiber Workshop at National Taiwan Science Education Center/ Taipei, 2006/7
Smangus tribe’s culture and ecological creative industrial class/ Hsinchu, 2006/5
Children Summer Fiber Workshop at National Taiwan Science Education Center/ Taipei, 2005/7
Kid’s Art Course at Forest Primary School/ Lioujia, Tainan, 2004/9-2005/2
Fabric Dyeing Course at Tainan Nanhua Primary School/ Nanhua, Tainan, 2004/9-10
Handmade Paper Workshop in Silkworm and Mulberry Festival/ Shiaying, Tainan, 2004/4
Children Art Course/ Shiuejia, Tainan, 2002/10-2003/9

Performance Based Work
2010 Clamour and Toll, Playwrights theatre centre- The Candahar Bar, Vancouver, 2010 Collaboration w/ Christian Nicolay
2007 Outside of the Utopia- Party, Green Island Prison, Taiwan

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