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Art making is an essential part of my life. I like being in a fluid state more than in a static state. I prefer to be able to work with more than one medium and I like to be flexible in my thoughts and practice. Thus my art discipline tends to explore a broad range of works from formal abstract to representational, conceptual, and symbolic. Shapes and colors in my paintings and drawings evoke figurative qualities which embrace a kaleidoscope of emotions.

Life is too short to take gravely all the time. I want to delight in what I can when I can. Having this as my essential philosophy, my goal of art making is to create a positive and playful atmosphere, and generate warm feelings of intimacy and substance through my work.

I use various media to create my work, for instance; hand embroidering is one of the most time-consuming and painstaking method of art-making which in turn engages my thinking process differently from the other methods I use, such as collage making, drawing, painting, and printmaking. Working with various kinds of media is very important for me to keep my thoughts and ideas fluid and flexible.

I am aware that I also enjoy creating works that have negative implications. In this sense, my creation of positive images works as a counter-response to my own works in addition to the media images of the world. In this way I construct a sort of antithesis that is more about creating a balance of negative and positive; the "yin and yang." It is a part of my philosophy of seeking balance that one should not be too much stronger than the other.

I enjoy creating works in the pursuit of my own aesthetic language. Expanding my visual vocabulary will be for me an everlasting pursuit. For this reason I am concerned with the presence of formal qualities in my work - balance, color, composition, contrast, push-pull effect, shape, texture, variety of mark makings, visual weight, and so on. Creating visual movements in relation to the formal elements is also an interesting way for me to increase my vocabulary and develop my language as an artist (what I call an "art enjoyer").

Takashi Iwasaki

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Takashi Iwasaki - Inspiyoyeegassaku - click for larger image

14 x 14 Inches 
embroidery thread on twill
Takashi Iwasaki - Hooplaya - click for larger image

10 x 10 Inches 
embroidery thread on twill
Takashi Iwasaki - Suieiy - click for larger image

14 x 14 Inches 
embroidery thread on twill
Takashi Iwasaki - Papparadentatsuki - click for larger image

9 x 9 Inches 
embroidery thread on canvas
Takashi Iwasaki - Kunekunetebruto - click for larger image

14 x 14 Inches 
embroidery thread on twill
Takashi Iwasaki - Moitieikealight - click for larger image

14 x 14 Inches 
embroidery thread on canvas
Takashi Iwasaki - Macdc26 - click for larger image

12 x 12 Inches 
embroidery thread on canvas
Takashi Iwasaki - Kokemossko - click for larger image

10 x 10 Inches 
embroidery thread on twill
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2006    Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) - University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
2002    Associate in Arts - Kansai Gaidai College, Hirakata, Osaka, Japan.

Solo Exhibitions
2012    The World We Live In and Beyond, Small Works Gallery, Winnipeg
2010    Memories in Color, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2009    Indian Diary, 1 Shanthi Road Gallery, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
2008    A Visual Diary, LE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2008    Embroidered Memories, Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA
2008    A Visual Diary, Gallery 803, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2008    McGarry Guild Gallery, St. John's-Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2006    Abbies, Shimizu Public Library, Shimizu, Hokkaido, Japan
2005    Positive Atmosphere, GoSA, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2005    Color, Shape, Space & Composition - Off Ice Gallery, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba    

Group Exhibitions
2012    Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, TX
2012    Optical Fibre, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA
2012    Palm Springs Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA
2012    Winter Salon, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2012    Hovercraft, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon, MB
2011    Full Fathom Five, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, New York, NY
2011    The Legend of Stache, Graffiti Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2011    Illustrated Type, Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA
2011    Hovercraft, Portage and District Arts Centre, Portage la Prairie, MB
2010    Charcoal and Thread, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
2010    Drawing in Thread: Contemporary Embroidery (Curated by John Tricomi & Kathleen Driscoll),
               Mount Ida College, The Gallery, Newton, Main, U.S.A.
2010    Colour Play, Gallery Lacrosse, Winnepeg, MB        
2009    Legends, Heroes, Myths, and Such..., Graffiti Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2009    Whodunit? Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Ontario
2009    Over and Under, Yard Dog Gallery. Austin, Texas, USA
2009    Art with Heart, Fundraiser for Casey House, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2009    LE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2008    Aqua Art Miami, Miami Wynwood with Conduit Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA
2008    Art with Heart, Fundraiser for Casey House, Toronto, Ontario
2008    Giant Robot NY, NYC, NY, USA
2008    Toronto International Art Fair, with LE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2008    Headquarters Galerie + Boutique, Montreal, Quebec
2008    Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (art fair) with Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA
2008    Outworks Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Organized by University of Winnipeg AHSA
2008    Paradise Lost and Found - Border Crossings Leap Year Gala, Organized by  
              Border Crossings Magazine, Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2008    LE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2008    Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
2008    Tinlark Gallery, Hollywood, California, USA.
2007    Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Motel Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA.
2007    Toronto International Art Fair with LE Gallery. Toronto, Ontario
2007    Drawing Attention, Graffiti Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2007    Snack Isle, Giant Robot NY. New York, New York, USA.
2007    Affair at the Jupiter Hotel (Art Fair) with Motel Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA.
2007    White Light, Motel Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA.
2007    AHSA Fundraiser, The Edge Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2007    The Cabinet: the Unlocking, Ashdown Hall, 3rd Floor, University of Winnipeg,
             Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Curated by Aldona Dziedziejko)
2006    Triple Exposure, Platform Centre for Photographic & Digital Arts, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2006    Fabulous Fakes- 2006 Fundraiser, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2006    BMO First ART! Exhibition,First Canadian Place Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2006    Ace's High, Ace Art Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba
2006    I Think I Said No, Gallery 1.1.1., University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2006    Pretty Pretty Pretty, Cream Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2006    Student Works, Woodlands Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2005    Value, GoSA, Univerisity of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2005    P.S., Ace Art Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba
2004    Urban Exchange, Exchange District Tunnel, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2004    Martha Street Studio, Winnipeg, Manitoba

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
The Town of Shimizu, Hokkaido, Japan.
BMO Financial Group, Canada.

2011    Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery, Arsenal Pulp Press
2011    Fibrearts Magazine, Summer Issue
2011    Ruby: Otherworldliness, Gestalten, publisher, April
2010    Exquisit Book, Chronicle Books, September
2010    G.Love Magazine, Canada, cover
2009    Lines and Shapes, Vol. 9 Portland, Maine
2009    I Make Stuff, handmadelife, Australia
2009    Air Canada enRoute Magazine, June 2009, pp. 85 – 88, Canada. (Illustration).
2009    Craft Magazine, Volume 10, page 10, USA.
2009    Stacey Abramson. Winnipeg Free Press, page F3, January 10, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
2008    Border Crossings Magazine, Issue No. 107, pp. 25 – 26., Canada.
2008    The Duhks CD cover illustration, Canada / USA.
2008    G.LOVE Magazine, Canada (featured artist).
2008    ELLE Decoration Magazine U.K. (Illustration).
2008    Canadian Dimesion (Illustrations/cover design).
2008    Portland Center Theater Annual Brochure “Imagine” cover design (Illustration).
2008    Textiel Plus Magazine, the Netherlands (featured artist with a 4-page interview).
2008     Selvedge Magazine, U.K (featured artist).
2008    Once More With Feeling Magazine, Melbourne, Australia. March.
2007    Walrus Magazine. Canada. October (Illustraion).
2007     Amy Karlinsky. GalleriesWest Magazine. Canada. September.
2007    New York Times Magazine. June (Illustration).
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2006    Claudio Parentele. The eXTra finGer. Online Interview. Italy. October 24.
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2006    Ruby Mag Book. world-wide, Argentina.
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2006    Bank of Montreal 1st ART! Competition - Manitoba Winner, Canada
2005    Helga Miller Scholarship, Canada
2004    Mitch Gowler Memorial Award, Canada

Art Related Experiences
2009    Embroidery workshop at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2008    Guest Artist at Kelvin High School, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2008    Guest Artist at St. John's-Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2008    Guest Artist at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2008    Guest Artist at Pinkham School, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2006 - Current    Owner/Director of Semai Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2007 - Current    Board of Director, Ace Art Inc, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2006 - 2008    Assistant Manager of Keepsakes Gallery of Winnipeg, Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba     
2006    Gallery Assistant of Cream Gallery.

Member Exhibitions
2011    Warmer Winter, Ace Art Inc., Project Room, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2010    Warmer Winter, Ace Art Inc., Project Room, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2010    Urban Shaman, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2009    Warmer Winter, Ace Art Inc., Project Room, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2008    Winter Warmer, Ace Art Inc., Project Room, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2007    Winter Warmer, Ace Art Inc., Project Room, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2006    Winter Warmer, Ace Art Inc., Project Room, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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