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In 2001 I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and in 2005 released from the Canadian Armed Forces after 22 years of service. I have since experienced the unique treatment reserved for people living with a Mental Health issue. In my art practice I seek to challenge and inspire the viewer to rethink their assumptions about Mental Illness.

I am most passionate about working in 3 Dimensions because then anything I see, feel, hear, smell and taste can be used as a conduit of self-expression. I am captivated by the infinite alliance of form and material available to me. Repetition of ordinary objects, fastening everyday materials in unexpected ways, merging incongruent substances: these methods of making underpin and define my work.

Copper is a ubiquitous material with deep historical artistic and industrial roots. The existence of copper has enabled and sustained the logarithmic growth of technologies, to our humane detriment. Subverting copper's industrial function to one of static contemplation becomes an allegorical plea for deceleration and hope.

In a world where peace inhabits the marked position, efforts to create the arresting out of the unexpected speak to the untapped global grace currently denied us. My art alludes to potential solutions to the myriad social injustices saturating our world. The complexity of this work forecasts that solutions to these injustices are possible but will be multifaceted, protracted and demand our deepest commitments. One should not shy away from the challenge of offering hope within a seemingly permanently damaged context.

Kelly Gough, July 2010

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Kelly Gough - Gathering - click for larger image

20" high x 14" diameter
Kelly Gough - Potential  - click for larger image

60 x 108 Inches 
wall mounted
Kelly Gough - Globuloids - click for larger image

brass and styrofoam
8" 6" 4" diameters
Kelly Gough - Babel - click for larger image

30 x 24 Inches 
Kelly Gough - Precious - click for larger image

54 x 16 Inches 
Kelly Gough - Precious - detail - click for larger image

Precious - detail
Kelly Gough - Exit  - click for larger image

8" diameter plus tendrils
Kelly Gough - Untitled - click for larger image

48 x 80 Inches 
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Kelly Gough was born in Scarborough, Ontario the 6th of 7 children. Her parents say that she drew on anything she could get her hands on, including – to their dismay – the family Bible. Kelly joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1983 as a communications technician and later went on to obtain her Master's Degree in Social Work. After working primarily as a military social worker for 22 years, Kelly succumbed to the challenges of her work and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Depression in 2001.

In 2005, Kelly and her husband moved to Vancouver, BC. Her need to gradually accept and reconnect with her emotions coupled with the discovery of a new west coast lifestyle made the pursuit her life long dream to become an artist inevitable. Through her work as an assemblage and performance artist and her online blog “PTSD is Not My Fault”, Kelly challenges the many misconceptions of mental illness.

Kelly Gough’s artwork is not only a fundamental part of her own psychological healing, but also provides a social commentary acknowledging the fragmented and deconstructed emotions of a society heavily stimulated by media and commercialism. Woven into the themes of her artwork are her beliefs about feminism and the importance of supporting awareness of women’s issues including domestic violence. Kelly’s background in military social work has given her work an authentic and credible voice that is able to communicate in ways that encourage engagement and interaction.

2010    BFA Emily Carr Institute of Design
2006    Fine Arts Diploma North Island College
1999    MSW Carlton University Completed
1996    BSW University of Victoria

Solo Exhibitions
2009    Me and My Shadows, Muir Gallery, Courtenay BC
2008    In Kandahar Fields, Royal Canadian Legion Courtenay, BC

Group Exhibitions
2010    Emergence: Mixed Metaphors  - Elliot Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC
2010    International Sculpture Exhibition of Outstanding Graduates  - Beijing, China
2010    Friendship Show, Comox Valley, Vancouver Island  
2010    Emily Carr Grad Show, Vancouver
2010    Undone: Emily Carr Grad Show Comox Valley Art Gallery, Vancouver Island
2010    Through the Looking Glass, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Vancouver Island  
2009    North Island College Art Events Fall 2004 to Fall 2009
2009    Wearable Art Show, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Vancouver Island
2008    Merkin and Codpiece Show, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Vancouver Island  
2006    NIC Grad Art Show, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Vancouver Island  
2006    Comox Valley Arts Council Banner Project, Vancouver Island  
2006    Muir Gallery Achey Breakey Heart, Courtney, Vancouver Island  
2005    Comox Marina Originals Only, Vancouver Island  
2005    Comox Valley Arts Council Banner Project, Vancouver Island  
2004    Parksville Small in Nature, Vancouver Island  

Individual Performance Art
2009    Lost and Found, Seal Bay Park, Vancouver Island
2007    Strait Jacket Walk, Downtown Courtenay, Vancouver Island
2006-2007    Reader, Noon Hour Poetry - Muir Gallery, Vancouver Island
2005-2009    Vocalist, All in All Pink Floyd Tribute Band
2001-2004    Vocalist, Time Well Wasted

Art Educator and Volunteer Experience
2010    Art Talk: Lost and Found, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Vancouver Island
2010    Through the Looking Glass (Mental Health Show), Comox Valley Art Gallery, Vancouver Island
2009    NIC Art Experience Day
2006-2007    Volunteer, Muir Gallery, Vancouver Island
2004-2009    NIC Art Events Committee Member

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