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Jeremiah Birnbaum  Bio    

Having spent my developmental years within the rigid structures of competitive athletics, the art world has presented itself as an open forum for exploration and expression.  An injury in my freshman year ended my ability to pursue competitive sport and left me with a loss of self-identity.  This loss has impacted how I view myself as an artist; where once my actions and accomplishments previously defined my sense of self, I now refuse to base my identity upon such existential tangibles.  Art like athletics is an extension of who I am, though it does not solely define what I am.  Accepting this approach has allowed me to push beyond previous self imposed limitations and explore my work in new and different directions. 

I began to explore the body's identity, particularly the male body, in order to understand my role within the macrocosm of society at large and the micro society of my family.

Influenced by theories of Judith Butler and Michel Foucault, my work addresses the marginalization of the body in a typically masculine uniform whose function is determined by a male oriented societal hegemony.

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Jeremiah Birnbaum - Zeke and Buck - click for larger image

Zeke and Buck
26 x 20 Inches 
powder graphite on paper
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2003-2006   Visual Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts, Emily Carr Institute, Vancouver
2001-2003   Portfolio Program, Victoria College of Art, Victoria
2001           Six week Intensive Portfolio Program, Victoria College of Art, Victoria

Two, Three and Four Artist Exhibitions
2007    A Demarcated Site of Construction; in collaboration with C. Dylan McHugh,
                ARC Building in association with the 2007 Eastside Culture Crawl, Vancouver
2006    Crawl; in collaboration with C. Dylan McHugh, ARC Building in association with
                the 2006 Eastside Culture Crawl, Vancouver
2006    The Factory Show;  with Attila Richard Lucacs & Martha Sturdy, Gallery M by Martha Sturdy, Vancouver

Group Exhibitions
2008    Emerging, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
2008    Drawing Expo 08; in collaboration with C. Dylan McHughLittle Mountain Studios, Vancouver
2007    Pre-Shrunk Show; Argyle Fine Art Gallery, Halifax
2007    Fine Art of Schmoozy; Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture, Edmonton
2007    Art for Life; Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver
2007    The Portrait Show; Gaff Gallery, Vancouver
2006    ECIAD Graduation Show; Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver
2006    Queering Art and Politics; Concourse Gallery, Vancouver
2005    Sequential Show; Concourse Gallery, Vancouver
2004    The Urban Landscape; Subeez Restaurant, Vancouver
2003    Group Show, Birdhouse Gallery, Victoria
2003    2003 VCA Year End Show; Victoria College of Art, Victoria
2002   2002 VCA Year End Show; Victoria College of Art, Victoria

2005   Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre Artist/Mentor Mural Project Grant;
                    Vancouver Parks Board in association with Marpole-Oakridge Community Center Association
2002   John Chamberlain Painting Scholarship; Victoria College of Art, Victoria

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