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James (Jock) Williamson Galloway Macdonald

1897-1960 James Williamson Galloway Macdonald, also known as Jock Macdonald, born at Thurso, Caithness-shire. Studied applied design at the Edinburgh College of Art (until 1922) and worked at designing fabrics at Carlisle, 1922-1925. Taught design at the Lincoln School of Art. Taught at the Vancouver School of Art, 1926-1933, then the School of Decorative and Applied Arts, Vancouver, 1933-1935. Did not paint before coming to Canada. Founding member of the C.G.P., 1933. Taught at the Provincial Institute, Calgary, then moved to Toronto; since 1947 has taught at the Ontario College of Art. Member of the Painters Eleven group in Toronto. Painted in Europe on a government scholarship, 1954.

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