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At the source of Vancouver artist Bruce Pashak's work rest the basic questions of how we know things:  a) how we construct knowledge within specific contexts that are inherently changeable by nature; and, b) how we transfer that knowledge from generation to generation via communication mediums such as art, technology, etc.

All knowledge paradigms establish a set of rules that determine value according to a specific context. What is valued in one system may not be valued in another and, further, any given system is vulnerable to changes and influences from external systems that permeate its boundaries.

Pashak's art places assumable knowable subjects (the human body, various animals, creatures, insects etc.) into altered contexts that make us question how we know the subject and to what extent we value it.

Subjective meaning has been established through historical constructs
(contexts) that has been transferred through generations.  Subjective meaning therefore, is linked to its history and altered by current paradigm shifts (contexts that are influenced by other contexts).

Pashak's artwork invites the audience to question what is known and, more specifically, how we know something and according to whom and what context.

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Bruce Pashak - Where Are You From (ed. of 3) - click for larger image

Where Are You From (ed. of 3)
72 x 48 Inches 
3-D lenticular process from painted/drawn image mounted into a custom-built light box
Detailed description
Bruce Pashak - Bird of Paradise (ed. of 3) - click for larger image

Bird of Paradise (ed. of 3)
59 x 46 Inches 
3-D lenticular process from painted/drawn image mounted into a custom-built light box
Detailed description
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1991    Master of Fine Arts, The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Drawing Thesis, The Dialogical Art
              Form: Mutual Annexations.
1982    Independent Study, Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Emphasis; Drawing and Painting.
1979    Bachelor of Fine Arts, The University of Calgary, Emphasis; Drawing and Printmaking.

Solo Exhibitions
2010    justiFYD: ArtCrimes in America, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
2009    Speak Easy, Snap Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
2008    Moksha, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
2007    Bio-Illuminations, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver
2006    New Works, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
2001    New Works, Third Avenue Gallery, Vancouver, essay by Paula Gustafson.
1999    Realm of Desire, Third Avenue Gallery, Vancouver

Group Exhibitions
2010    The Drawing Room, Pendulum Gallery, juried national exhibition: Drawn Festival, Vancouver
2010    Winter, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
2009    Pencil on Paper, Elliott Louis Gallery, Drawn Festival,Vancouver, curated by Lynn Ruscheinsky        
2007    From a Distance, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver
2004    Group Show, Gallery Kosagi, Tokyo
2001    Group Show, LFA Warehouse Gallery, San Francisco
1999    Group Show, Greg Lejnieks Fine Arts, San Francisco
1995    The Body in Context, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond

Alberta Art Foundation, Edmonton, AB.
VGH and UBC Hospitals Foundation, Vancouver, B.C.
The Torode Group, Calgary, AB.
The University College of the Fraser Valley, Abbottsford, B.C.
The University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.
Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, AB.
The Moda Hotel, Vancouver, B.C.
Hotel Arts, Calgary, AB.
Numerous private collections.

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