Elliott Louis Gallery Canadian Fine Art
The Elliott Louis Gallery rents Fine Art to corporate entities and private individuals. Our rental program is:
  • affordable
  • flexible
  • easy

What can be rented?

Clients can choose from a wide range of contemporary fine art to suit most tastes and preferences. Rental works include original paintings and sculptures by Canadian and international artists.

What time frame is involved?

Rentals are based on periods of four weeks. Generally, the minimum amount of time art can be rented for is three, 4 week periods.  However, this can be adjusted, depending upon circumstances.

What happens next?

Upon completion of this cycle the client can either:

  • purchase some or all of the work
  • keep the work longer
  • replace some or all of the art with new pieces
  • return the work

What does it cost?

Rentals are based upon the existing retail value of the work and are calculated at 5% of the value of the work, per four week period. For instance, art valued at $10,000 will rent at $500 per four week period.

What about purchasing art?

Art may be purchased at any time during the rental cycle. Rental fees attributable toward a piece of art, up to a maximum of 4 weeks, will be credited towards the purchase price of that piece of art.

Are there any other fees/charges?

In most instances there are no other fees or charges except applicable taxes.

Please note that the art provided is quoted on an "as is basis". Costs associated with modifying art to suit a clients particular circumstances, such as changing frames on paintings, are additional to the rental fee and shall be billed in full to the client. These costs are not recoverable upon purchase or cessation of the rental agreement.

Other requirements?

It is recommended that the client have sufficient insurance to cover the full retail value of the art. Depending upon circumstances, the gallery may ask for proof of insurance.

Essentially, the client is responsible for ensuring that the art is returned in the same condition as it was delivered.

The Elliott Louis Gallery is extremely flexible in structuring an arrangement that will meet your aesthetic and business requirements. We want our clients to be more than satisfied with their art rental and art purchasing experiences. We want them to be thrilled with their choices and experience.

Because it applies equally to ourselves, the Elliott Louis Gallery understands that your reputation is of paramount importance. We promise to work with you towards enhancing that reputation.

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